Deduction for School Fees Paid u/s 80c. Section 80C of income tax act allows deduction in respect of many payments and investments made. Section 80C allows deduction for payment of Education Fees paid for the Education of Children. Any individual who has paid Education Fees of his Children is allowed to claim this deduction under Section 80C. Recently we provide Complete details for Do NRIs need to file Return of income in India?.

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Deduction for School Fees Paid u/s 80c

Deduction for School Fees Paid u/s 80c

Eligibility :

(1) It’s available to individuals only

(2) All other persons except individuals are ineligible for this deduction.

Maximum allowable :


under this section deduction is available for tuition fees paid on two children education. If Assessee has more then two children then he can claim tuition fees paid of only two children.

Available to each parent :

This deduction is available to both , father and mother of the children for whose education the payment is made. Both of them can claim deduction under this head.

Eligible Payments :

Fees paid in respect of following only will be allowed as deduction :

  • Play school fees
  • pre nursery fees
  • Nursery class and higher classes fees
  • University, college or other educational institution fees.

Payments ineligible :

Payments made in respect of following are not eligible for deduction u/s 80C :

  • Any Part time courses
  • Fees for Coaching classes or private tuitions
  • Fees for Distance courses
  • Donation to an educational institution for getting any admission etc
  • Hostel fees of the children.
  • Any amount paid in respect of penalty for delay in paying the regular fees.
  • Payment made in respect of self education / for spouse is not eligible for deduction.

This is not an exhausting list.

This deduction towards payment for tuition/education of children is eligible on payment basis. Irrespective of the academic year for which you have paid the fees, deduction is allowable on payment basis only.

Maximum deduction :

Deduction for the payments made in the form of tuition fees is subject to overall limit of 1.5 lakhs.

Some other points to be known :

(1) University, college, school or other educational institution must be situated in India. But it can be affiliated to any foreign university/institution.

(2) Deduction can be claimed in respect of payment made for the education of adopted children also. Section 80c is silent about the status of children.

(3) When parents got divorced and children are with either of the parents then deduction can be availed by the parent who pays the fees.

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