When it comes to flashing the cash, celebrities aren’t the most discreet of folk, and nowhere is this group’s penchant for luxe and excess more obvious than in the homes they own.

Here’s a round-up of the celebs that have recently made eye-watering profits on the sale of their property – and a sneak peek of what the buyers got for their money.

Calvin Klein – $85 million

Yep, you read that right: the superstar fashion designer pocketed $85 for the sale of two pieces of neighboring real estate in the exclusive Hamptons area. The transaction comprised a bundle: the lucky buyer got a home on a 6.8-acre parcel of land for their money, plus the 1.63-acre plot adjoining. The estate fronts the ocean and, as well as the main house, also includes a pool and a boathouse.

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Tom Cruise – $39.5 million

Tom Cruise sold his Telluride ranch, in Colorado, in 2021; the property comprises a staggering 320 acres and a beautiful home located on an escarpment to take in the stunning views. Inside, the new owner will be able to enjoy a fitness center, rec room, chef’s kitchen, den, and office suite. And did we mention the multiple terraces and two fireplaces?

The homeowner will also be able to entertain guests in style: the estate features a three-bedroom lodge for the ultimate in high-end hospitality.

Elon Musk – $30 million

Tesla founder and multimillionaire Elon Musk made a tidy profit when he recently sold his Hillsborough estate in California, which he bought in 2017 for $23,364,000. Nestled in 47 acres of land, the property boasts stunning views of San Francisco Bay and the city’s skyline, as well as seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Elon Musk home sale

Built in 1912, the house has been sympathetically restored and updated with all the latest tech, including fiber optic connections, high-end security, and a state-of-the-art interior sound system. The new owner will also have the opportunity to relax with a book in the pad’s leather-walled library, entertain guests in the swanky cocktail lounge, or soak up some rays in the sunroom.

Bruce Willis – $27 million

In 2019, the Die Hard star sold his estate on Turks and Caicos for a sum that made it the second-biggest real estate deal in the history of the island. And it’s not hard to see why the price tag was so huge: as well as a five-bedroom mansion, the 9-acre estate also features two smaller villas and a private beach, plus a swimming pool, outdoor shower, and even a playground.

Bruce Willis Net Worth

Step inside the main house, and you’ll admire the beautiful hardwood floors and enjoy the view of the island from the property’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

Christie Brinkley – $17.5 million

The superstar model sold her Long Island mansion for a spectacular sum a few years ago – although it was a comparative bargain, having been on the market formerly for some time at $20 million.

The beautiful building boasts five bedrooms, a pool, four fireplaces, and a private terrace. The buyer was no doubt also impressed with the estate’s harbor-side location, pinewood floors, and the property’s 5,500 square footage of space!

…And the Big Buyers

And let’s round-up with a quick look at some of the celebs who’ve splashed the most cash on a new home recently. At the top of the list is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who reportedly spent around $78 million on a 14-acre waterfront estate in Maui. As well as the mansion and a guesthouse, the estate also benefits from a 700-square-foot pool, a fish pond, and a private beach.

Kanye West also spent big, paying $57.3 million last year for a Malibu mega-pad that features ultra high-end security, balconies, and a private staircase to the beach. Ivanka Trump also didn’t hold back when it came to the budget for buying a new home: she recently purchased a luxe property on the idyllic Indian Creek Island in South Florida for $24 million. And if the domed ceilings, double staircase, and open entertaining areas aren’t enough to impress guests, the dock, manicured gardens, and reflecting pools ought to do it.

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