Car Accident Lawyer: There are all sorts of lawyers representing people in North America. We have personal injury lawyers, motorcycle accident lawyers, car accident lawyers, family lawyers, divorce lawyers, and so many more. It can be hard for anyone to see the difference in all these lawyers and what exactly separates their services from one another.

While we can’t possibly get into every type of lawyer, today Edwards Injury Law will focus on car accident lawyers. Car accident lawyers are an important part of the legal system, and below, we answer questions about them like:

  • What do car accident lawyers do?
  • How are personal injury lawyers related to them?
  • What services do car accident lawyers provide?
  • How should I choose a car accident lawyer?
  • Much more!

What do car accident lawyers do?

Car accident lawyers represent their client’s legal interests. This includes providing proper legal advice and many other activities related to the case. They are an important part of helping injured people receive compensation.

How are personal injury lawyers related to them?

Personal injury lawyers and car accident lawyers are often one and the same. The form of law that they use to represent their clients is the same, and many lawyers will perform duties that could fit either label. For instance, a personal injury lawyer representing someone involved in a car accident, and vice versa with a car accident lawyer.

What services do car accident lawyers provide?


Car accident lawyers provide advice to those who have been injured in a vehicle accident. This includes what steps should be taken, like gathering evidence or recording information about the accident. They also complete the necessary legal documentation and submit it to the court system for review and approval. If a case proceeds to litigation, car accident lawyers will also represent their clients in court.

How Should I Choose a Car Accident Lawyer?

When it comes to choosing a car accident lawyer to represent you, there are several desirable traits that they should possess. Honesty, integrity and a willingness to help are all a great start. But, for more concrete examples of what a car accident attorney should do, consider the following items.


The amount any particular car accident lawyer will charge you can differ, but there are still good signs. For example, most will charge a contingency fee, meaning that they receive a percentage of the payout only after the case succeeds. Two notes on that: First, the percentage varies between 35 and 45%. Second, you should be aware that asking for payments upfront is unusual with car accident lawyers.


The demands of the legal system are indeed onerous, but that does not mean lawyers should neglect their clients. Far from it, as a matter of fact. A great car accident lawyer should be available to answer questions and provide support to their clients. It is important to be wary of those who are hard to get in contact with on a consistent basis.

Understanding of next steps

The final signal of a helpful car accident lawyer is understanding the next steps in your claim. It is important to feel a sense of momentum when proceeding through a legal trial, though it is not always possible. Still, the right lawyer will keep you up to date on the progress of your case and ensure you understand what is behind any delays.

Now that you have all the information about what a car accident lawyer can do consider finding one now if you have been involved in an incident. Or, if you would like more information about what services they can provide.

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