How to Buy a Car Like a Celebrity: How do you think The Rock buys his cars? Walks into a dealership in Hawaii and says to the local dealer, “Hey Jared, I am looking for a black Bentley?”

Celebrities aren’t that different from us, but they have many privileges when shopping for stuff. While some may send their personal assistants to do the shopping on their behalf, most buy their products to ensure they get what they want. 

So, how do celebrities buy vehicles, and what can you learn from their methods? According to The Economic Times, stars can get a 60% discount on luxury cars, something that normal consumers can only dream of. You might not get the same treatment, but there are one or two things you copy from them to get a good deal on your next buy.

Here’s how to buy a car like a celebrity.

Use Your Status to Negotiate a Good Deal

We may not all have celebrity status, but everyone has their appeal and the ability to negotiate. While you might not get a good deal as the star footballer or popular singer, you can use something you have to ask for a better deal from the salesperson.


For instance, if you work for a local advertising company, you can tell the salesperson that if they give you a great deal, you’ll reciprocate whenever they need advertising for their dealership. CarWale reports that car buyers can get a 1-5% dealer discount on a new car.

Embrace Online Shopping

Thanks to technological advancements, you can order a vehicle from your couch and have it delivered to your doorstep. Auto dealers have embraced eCommerce by making the process similar to shopping in a dealership. If you value anonymity like most celebrities, consider shopping for your next ride online.

Auto retailers have user-friendly websites that make shopping for a car easy. For instance, if you want a vehicle for a large family with kids and pets, you can search for one with more seating capacity and a large cargo area. Let’s say you settle on a third-row SUV. You can search for ‘SUV third row seats,’ to compare different car models and their prices.

Choose a Car That Matches Your Personality

It’s also important to get a vehicle that matches your personality. A car is a personal item, and just like you’d buy a yellow dress because yellow is your favorite color, you should buy a car you love.

Do you love fast cars, loud music, flashy rims, and a sleek body? Choose a vehicle with your preferred specs. Some celebrities have signature colors and they make sure their cars come in that color. 

For example, rapper Nicki Minaj loves pink, which is evident by her collection of pink rides. Her latest car is a pink Lamborgini Aventardo SVJ Roadster which is seen in her latest music video.

Consider Leasing

Most celebrities lease their rides for a few years and then get the latest model once they get bored. You can do the same to avoid huge upfront payments and the financing associated with car buying. Moreover, leasing a car means you don’t have to worry about its depreciation or reselling.

Are you ready to buy your next car like a celebrity? We hope these tips were helpful.

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