The Best 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing University Degrees

It is not very far when the need for professionals with specialized degrees in additive manufacturing and 3D printing will arise suddenly.

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Best 3D Printing
Best 3D Printing

It is not very far when the need for professionals with specialized degrees in additive manufacturing and 3D printing will arise suddenly. From 3D designers to operators of professional 3D Printers, the opportunities are estimated to be huge in the coming years. We are already witnessing the technology making its way to the mainstream. So, the need for an influx of experts with proper professional degrees is right at the corner.

However, are we prepared to meet such increasing demand in the future? Thankfully, yes. There are many universities that are offering degrees in 3D printing. As the additive manufacturing technology is getting closer to niches like medicine, sports, automobile, design, and more, the education system is trying to mold itself to meet the expected demand of the future. A lot of companies have used 3D Printing technology to launch multiple profitable businesses all around the world.

Hence, it is not difficult anymore to find a suitable 3D printing and additive manufacturing university degree anymore. If you are interested too, here is a list of a few degrees you can browse through.

Degrees and Courses in Additive Manufacturing

A few years back you may not have been able to find even one university course in additive manufacturing. However, with the spread of its perks for the manufacturing industry, the technology has left everyone talking about it. More businesses are coming forward to experience its impact. Hence, seeking professionals who can make their manufacturing goals a reality.


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In midst of all the surging demands, universities have been able to focus on getting a few courses in line for students wanting to exploit these opportunities. And, if you are one of them, this list would certainly help in making up your mind for the next big move in your career.

Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design and Production

Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design and Production

A 12 weeks course on the fundamentals, basics, applications, and implications of 3D printing for design as well as manufacturing. This Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design and Production degree is an online course offered by the well-known, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The degree allows you to understand a lot of things about 3D printing. So, if you are new to this field, this course may help add up to your knowledge base.

Apart from this online course, the university also offers a smaller, five days online course on 3D printing. This particular course involves attention to the basic operation of 3D Printers. And, is often considered more like an introduction to the technology. You can learn about the basic functionalities of 3D printers, how to operate these machines, gather knowledge about the materials involved, and much more.

Certificate Courses in Additive Manufacturing

Certificate Courses in Additive Manufacturing

If you wish to learn and grow while making yourself comfortable working with additive manufacturing, you can choose among the four certification programs offered by Purdue University, the public research university based in Indiana. You can choose between these courses: Additive Manufacturing Essentials, Additive Manufacturing Design, Additive Manufacturing Technology and Materials, and Additive Manufacturing Business and Economics.

From these courses, you can attain real-time experience by exploring the industry case studies. The knowledge gained through these courses are very precise and help professionals to directly apply their skills in real jobs.

Masters Degree in Metal Additive Manufacturing

Masters Degree in Metal Additive Manufacturing

Unlike other degrees and courses, this master’s degree offered by Cranfield University is focused on providing insight to metal additive manufacturing specifically. The course completes in one year as a full-time program. However, once again, you have the choice for taking up the part-time sessions as a two-year program.

Students gain the latest knowledge along with the related skills for working with metal Additive Manufacturing. The degree includes various AM processes showcasing the varying capabilities. Providing skills for designing AM systems and modeling, the course aims at giving a complete overview of metal 3D printing. From materials to complete qualification of working with metal 3D printers. And, the degree completes with proper assignments, group, and solo projects, helping with various practical experiences throughout the course term.

Master’s degree in Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing

Master’s degree in Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing

An additive manufacturing degree with a one-year course is by Nottingham university, UK. This is one of the most renowned universities around the globe and has been known for its extensive course selections. To apply for this course, students must have an engineering degree or a similar one at the undergraduate level. This particular course lets students learn about the technology in detail.

It offers insight into 3D printing materials, applications, metrology, as well as advanced additive manufacturing techniques. Hence, it allows students and professionals to find in-depth knowledge about the niche while being able to study about the same for one complete year. This isn’t some crash course, however, a reputed degree for those interested in making their career in the additive manufacturing field.

MSc in Additive Manufacturing

msc in additive manufacturing

This is another one-year full-time degree from the University of Central Lancashire. Or else, if you are a working professional, you can choose to complete the degree in two years as a part-time course. The university provides every facility to the students for gaining hands on experience with 3D printers during the course time. You get to work inside the Additive Manufacturing lab. And, it’s not just for the show.

You can check and work with some of the most advanced and latest 3D printing tools and equipment. With projects and practical, the course allows students to gain real-time experience using 3D printing software and equipment. Along with that, the degree includes visits to relevant industries and an insight to the industrial projects related to additive manufacturing. There are guest visits as well. What else do you need? Isn’t that a complete package for aspiring learners?

The Conclusion

Learning about 3D printing excites a lot of individuals. However, knowing that there are degrees that can actually help you set up a promising career ahead in additive manufacturing can turn to be a game changer for many aspiring professionals and students.

Degrees in additive manufacturing and 3D printing, though limited to a few universities, have a lot to offer to the students. Hence, do not forget to check the choices if you really wish to stay within the niche.

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