Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer About Settlement

Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer About Settlement. It is essential to learn about the right questions to ask your personal injury lawyer.

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Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer
Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

It is essential to learn about the right questions to ask your personal injury lawyer before hiring them. Although the settlement is an essential part of the process, there are many red flags that you should consider beforehand. Below, we have collected the five questions we think best prepare you to make a decision on the right attorney to represent your case. Know more about Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer.

1. Do You Specialize in Injury Law?

This is always the first question you should ask a lawyer. If they have a background in family, corporate, divorce, government or another form of law, they may not have the necessary expertise and experience you need to effectively handle your trial. Furthermore, they may not have an interest in working with you if they cannot adequately represent you and deliver the expected results.

2. How Many Cases Have You Taken to Trial?

The next question will help you determine the personal injury lawyer’s qualifications to handle your case and determine their ability. Although many cases can be settled without litigation, a lawyer who does not have this type of critical experience may unnecessarily extend or hamper your efforts to receive compensation. On the flip side of the coin, however, you should take a lawyer who always pushes for a trail with a grain of salt as well.

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3. How Long Does it Typically Take to Resolve a Case?

For your third question, you will want to determine concrete details about whether or not they are capable of resolving your case in a certain time frame. The services of a legal professional are unique in that they may require several months or even years of work to see any benefit. However, for straightforward personal injury cases, this should not be the case.


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Similarly, you should inquire about their typical communication efforts. It can be frustrating to wait for news or information about your case when you are in need, and having to force communication is not your role.

4. Can I Get References from Past Clients?

This question may not actually lead to reviews or information, but it can certainly inform you about the personal injury lawyer. If they flat out refuse or begin to look uncomfortable after asking the question, take note. They may have bad experiences or negative interactions with past clients that they are not comfortable sharing with potential clients.

5. How Much Are Your Services?

The final question, and perhaps the most important, is a serious inquiry about the cost of their services. Many injury lawyers will abstain from charging you until they have received compensation. This way, they are only paid upon delivering results. Therefore, if you speak with a lawyer who demands a retainer fee or other compensation at the start of the process, make a mental note.

Now that you have learned the right questions to ask your personal injury lawyer, you are likely ready to go out and find the perfect match for you. Before that, consider the services of Edwards Injury Law, your friendly, capable and qualified personal injury lawyers.

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