Know About Lower Back Pain and How to Correct It

Lower back pain can be a terrible thing to have to deal with. Here are some tips to deal with it and also correct issues that cause it.

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Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be a terrible thing to have to deal with. Here are some tips to deal with it and also correct issues that cause it.

Strengthen Core Muscles On A Daily Basis

Supportive and strong muscles throughout the trunk are an essential aspect in the support of the spine. There are several core-building exercises which include:

Low-impact cardiovascular exercises which can include brisk walking, which greatly helps to increase the flow of blood to the spine as well as the stretching of muscles. Having an adequate flow of blood to the spine allows for a greater delivery of hydration and nutrients.

Water therapy helps to provide a wider range of water buoyancy, which is particularly true in exercises that require the lifting of legs. Water also brings about a greater amount gentle friction, which helps in the conditioning and strengthening of injured muscles. Water therapy is an optimal form of therapy for individuals dealing with chronic back pain and have issues exercising without the assistance of water.


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Exercise ball workouts which include sitting on a ball on an intermittent basis for about 30 minutes with the use of a ball and physical exercises that engage the core muscles.

If you feel as though you are having difficulty in exercising, you will want to create small goals that help to get you moving on a daily basis. This can include a brisk walk around the neighborhood or walking up and down a flight of stairs.

You may want to visit with a physical therapist to help you create a plan and guide you on the correct way to begin exercising in a safe manner.

Ergonomic Office Chairs Are Key

If you find yourself slouching while working at a desk, keep in mind that this has the ability to put an excessive amount of pressure on the lower back discs and create a good deal of problems. It is imperative to support the natural curve in the lower back by:

Using an ergonomic chair in the office that is going to help support and align the back as well as thighs in a correct manner.

You can also place a small rolled-up towel near the small of the back for additional support.

You may also consider the use of a standup desk for a least a portion of the day.

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It is beneficial to set a timer for every hour to check on the status of your posture and get up and walk for a moment or two as well as minimal stretching of the back and legs.

Take A Rest After Prolonged Bending

As you bend forward for extended amount of time such as working in a garden, there will be a number of changes to your discs and ligaments. While these changes will last for a couple of minutes, over time they will reduce the stability of your spine. In addition, the joints will stiffen on a temporary basis during this period.

Your lower back is at risk for injury after these tissue changes if you make sudden movements to the back. This could mean picking up a heavy bag of soil after you have been bending over picking out weeds from a garden.

It is best to stand upright for a few moments and allow the spinal tissues a moment to recover and find their shape again after being in bent position.

Protect The Discs After Walking

The pressure within your discs will rise over 240% as you sleep. Within this time, the discs will be full hydrated and are at a much higher risk of herniation while lifting or bending.

You will want to maintain a straight back for at least an hour or two after a walk to allow your discs the opportunity to regain their normal pressure and have the ability to withstand a larger load.

Stretching The Hamstrings

One of the lesser known causes or lower back pain is due to tight hamstrings. Taking the opportunity to stretch the hamstrings will decrease the amount of pressure on the pelvis and offer general relief throughout the lower back. There are specific hamstring stretches that help to relieve certain leg pains that are due to lower back problems, such as sciatica.

However, keep in mind that not every type of hamstring stretch is going to be good for all back conditions. It is best to consult with your physician to find out which type of exercises are going to be the best fit for your stage of fitness and wellness.

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