Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Net Worth, Salary, its Founder, and other details. Wurkin Stiffs, a company that offered magnetic collar stays and was featured on Shark Tank, has a net worth of $17 million after receiving a $100k investment from Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran for 40% equity. The product has become one of the best-selling items pitched on the show and holds a Utility Patent. Also, read Umaro Shark Tank Net Worth.

Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Net Worth

Net Worth$17 Million
Annual Revenue$9.5 Million
Profits$4.5 Million
Lifetime Sales$74 Million
Available in2,400+ Stores
Offline Sales55%
InvestorsDaymond, Barbara
FounderJonathan Boos

An Overview & Founder of Wurkin Stiffs

Wurkin Stiffs creates magnetic collar stays to prevent collar curling and keep a clean neckline. The company was founded by Jonathan Boos in 2006. The plastic or metal stays work with formal and semi-formal shirts. Pairing them with magnetic buttons creates a polished, sophisticated look.

Jonathan, the company’s current CEO, came up with its concept by playing around with a paperclip and refrigerator magnet before going on a date. Jonathan Boos, the founder of Wurkin Stiffs, invented Power Stays – a magnetic solution for easily keeping collars in place.

Jonathan, an innovator, and entrepreneur, created Power Stays after his wife became frustrated with him while getting ready for a dinner reservation.


He finds it difficult to untangle his collar but improvises with a paperclip and magnet to create a perfectly makeshift holder. It motivated him to start Power Stays, which can effortlessly be added to any collar and shirt. You may also like Browndages Shark Tank Net Worth.

Wurkin Stiffs

Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Net Worth Growth and Sales

Wurkin Stiffs, a company that appeared on Shark Tank with $600k in annual sales, has seen significant growth since its appearance on the show. With the help of Daymond for manufacturing and Barbara for retail distribution, the company’s sales have exploded, and it is now available in major stores.

Wurkin Stiffs has experienced significant growth since its appearance on the show. In the initial year independently, earnings surpassed $5 million and have risen by 20% yearly. The company is foreseen to overextend $100 million in lifetime sales at the finish of this year.

Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Net Worth in 2024$17 Million
Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Net Worth in 2023$15 Million
Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Net Worth in 2022$13 Million
Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Net Worth in 2021$12 Million
Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Net Worth in 2020$9 Million

What was Daymond and Barbara’s profit from Wurkin Stiffs?

The founders of Wurkin Stiffs received a $50k investment from Daymond and Barbara, who pushed sales and maximized profits. It resulted in each shark earning over $4.2 million in profits.

Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Pitch

Wurkin Stiffs was created by Jonathan Boos and offered the only Magnet Stays for Collars. Kevin is impressed with the product and its potential, leading to an offer of $85k for a 10% stake in the company.

In the episode, Jonathan mentions that Wurkin Stiffs is available in all 115 Nordstrom stores across the United States. Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran dropped out of the deal, stating they couldn’t assist him in this area.

Kevin offers $100k for 30% of the business with a royalty of 14%, becoming the first Shark Tank investor to make an offer. However, tensions arise between Jonathan and Daymond when Jonathan argues with him, causing Daymond to drop out of investing in the business.

Robert Herjavec offers $100k for a 30% stake without a royalty deal on a TV show. Kevin later modifies his offer to $100k for 20%, and the royalty stays.

Barbara returns to partner with Daymond, and Jonathan agrees to give away 40% of a $100k investment. Must Check Pavlok Shark Tank Net Worth.

Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Founder

Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank: Is it still operating?

Yes, it is still in business, and Wurkin Stiffs is based in Nokomis, Florida, and sells collar stays and other accessories like face masks and tie bars from their website.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Net Worth of Wurkin Stiffs?

Wurkin Stiffs’s net worth is $17 Million.

How much does Wurkin Stiffs earn yearly?

Wurkin Stiffs earns $9.5 Million annually.

Who is the Founder of Wurkin Stiffs?

Jonathan Boos is the founder of Wurkin Stiffs.

Who invested in Wurkin Stiffs?

Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran have invested $100,000 in Wurkin Stiffs for a 40% equity stake.


Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Balance Sheet

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