The home loan balance transfer enables transferring the outstanding balance of your loan to a new lender. It enables you to enjoy potentially lower interest rates and reduced overall payments. To optimise savings and plan well in advance, try using the home loan balance transfer EMI calculator prior to applying. This tool estimates the new monthly instalment and total interest, aiding in determining the viability of the transfer and ensuring the best offer.

To use the calculator, adhere to the steps provided below:

  • Go to the home loan balance transfer EMI calculator page on any trusted lending website.
  • Enter the outstanding loan amount.
  • Choose the tenure.
  • Fill in the new interest rate.

After submitting the information above, you can review the estimated monthly instalments and the aggregate interest charges. By comparing this information with your existing repayment terms, you can make adjustments to the terms accordingly. This will help you understand which terms will be more beneficial for you when transferring the balance of your home loan.

How to Effectively Utilise a Home Loan Balance Transfer EMI Calculator?

Follow these simple steps to utilise a home loan balance transfer EMI calculator effectively:

Collate Information


Collect essential details about your current home loan and the proposed balance transfer. This includes the outstanding loan amount, current interest rate, remaining tenure, and new home loan balance transfer interest rate. Be aware of any associated processing fees.

Use the Calculator

Access the Home Loan Balance Transfer EMI Calculator on lender websites. Input accurate data gathered in step one.

Check Results

Examine the calculator’s results, encompassing the new EMI, potential savings in monthly payments and overall interest, and the break-even point.


Evaluate potential benefits, comparing current and new loan terms. Consider monthly and total interest savings, along with the break-even period.

Make Informed Decisions

Decide on the balance transfer based on your analysis. If savings outweigh costs and align with your financial goals, the transfer may be a smart choice.

How Does the Home Loan Balance Transfer EMI Calculator Enhance Savings?

The home loan balance transfer calculator offers several benefits, one of which is the potential to increase your savings. Here’s how:

Facilitates Easy Comparison:

  • Comparing interest rates from different lenders is a key strategy for maximising savings.
  • Utilise the calculator to understand your savings for various interest rates and make an informed choice. By entering the home loan balance transfer interest rates provided by different lenders, you may compare the cumulative interest payments and opt for the lowest amount.

Helps Select a Comfortable Tenure:

  • Adjusting the tenure can impact the EMI amount and, consequently, the savings.
  • Use the calculator to determine which tenure results in a lower monthly instalment, thus, maximising your savings. By entering different tenures and adjusting interest rates, you can compare the EMI amount and aggregate interest costs.

Highlights the Perfect Time to Transfer:

  • The calculator showcases potential savings based on when you decide to switch.
  • Calculations may reveal that transferring your loan in the initial period of your tenure can lead to more savings. This is because interest payments are higher in the early stages of the loan. Switching to a lender with a lower rate early on can result in significant savings.

Repayment Budget:

  • The calculator offers an estimated EMI amount on the basis of the loan terms provided.
  • This estimate helps you assess whether the repayment fits within your budget, allowing you to adjust expenses if necessary and ensure timely repayment.

Rapid and Accurate Results:

  • Manual calculations of EMI estimates and cumulative interest payments can be tedious and prone to errors.
  • The EMI calculator, in contrast, is user-friendly, providing quick and error-free results.

Available for Free:

  • Use the home loan balance transfer EMI calculator tool on any lender’s website for free.
  • There are no restrictions on usage, allowing you to perform calculations for various loan terms and find a deal that aligns with your needs.

It’s important to note that this EMI calculator doesn’t factor in other costs associated with the balance transfer. Considering these costs is crucial for evaluating the comprehensive cost-benefit and maximising your savings. Therefore, include these costs in your assessment to gain a holistic idea of the potential savings.

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