Travel Insurance 2022: Factors to be considered while buying

Travel Insurance is insurance which is required by individual who needs to travel a lot may be domestic or international. This type of insurance is required by person

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: This article talks about the importance of the travel insurance, which is not much known in our country but very much relevant from the other countries point of view and very much relevant for those who need to travel out of the country for any of the purpose, may be for leisure purpose or business purpose, which would save from the expenses of the medicines and the health check-up fees need to be incurred in outside country if there are health issues with the passenger.

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Why Travel insurance is needed ??

Travel Insurance is insurance which is required by individual who needs to travel a lot may be domestic or international. This type of insurance is required by person who is very much prone to diseases or health issues. In India the cost of health check-up or medicines is not so much as compared to that of other countries. When we see to the expenses of the other country in the health is so much that common man cant afford to take treatment there.


One amazing that I had noticed that in foreign countries that there is insurance for each and every health issues. I have noticed that there is insurance for “Ambulance” too, which is surprising that how come insurance for ambulance but its true because the expense behind the calling and picking up patient in the ambulance is much more as compared to normal one, so people tend to take insurance for the same.

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Factors to be considered while buying travel insurance:

  • The travel insurance you select should not only be of the medical cover but also of the baggage loss or passport loss or any other precious valuables.
  • The names of the hospital to be seen while signing the travel insurance cover as they might be not available in your country of visit. So firstly check whether the name of the hospital is provided or not and whether it is cashless hospital or not.
  • Choose the insurance company which offers the insurance on per day basis and not the group of days basis, because it may cause you very costly if it is group of days basis because you might be going for 5 to 6 days and he will charge from you for 15 to 20 days.
  • Always read the full insurance policy before signing it so if any point is not favourable then it would come to know and would be resolved easily and with unanimous decisions which would if not seen earlier would result in disputes.
  • If you are travelling in a group of people or family than the group cover will cost you cheaper than the individual ones, so please check the details of the plan and then choose it.
  • If passenger is a senior citizen than make sure that pre-existing illness has been already described in the plan and the insurance cover for such activities is also covered.
  • Please make sure that you ask for all the bills regarding the treatment in foreign or in domestic because you require it for submitting the same to the insurance company then only they would pass the claim.
  • For the students who are studying abroad have a great opportunity to insure themselves at a very low as the companies offer a big insurance plan for them, i.e. they offer a whole year plan which can be extended to 2 more years which might be great benefit for the students.

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