How to Trade IPO Stocks Pre and Post Listing: In Detailed

Trade IPO Stocks: An IPO which is Initial Public Offering is a golden opportunity and chance for investors to make cash above any gains within the market.

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Trade IPO Stocks
Trade Ipo Stocks

Trade IPO Stocks: An IPO which is Initial Public Offering is a golden opportunity and chance for investors to make cash above any gains within the market. People who are investors within a certain bank or account can easily consider investing in IPOs during a certain offer period. However, one must be mindful about the IPO allotment as a lot of it depends on the volume of subscriptions as well.

Trade IPO Stocks

If the issue has been oversubscribed, then a few investors could easily get their allotment. Others on the other hand might request a refund. In order to keep away from such issues, many also consider investing in companies during the whole investment period. In case you happen to be lucky, you may get a pre-investor to strike cold rights after the organization lists on all the bourses. But if you want to do research on companies before investments, then a pre-IPO is the best way to maximize your profits.

On that note, let’s take a look at how you can trade your IPO stocks pre and post the listing process.

Things To Consider In Pre IPO Listing


If the pre-IPO is given by any company that is unlisted, chances are they may not notice regular selling or buying. Shares from companies that are unlisted are sold via brokers. Also, if there’s a scarcity of sellers or buyers, some may find it hard to sell or purchase shares. Hence, many also invest in pre-IPOs along with long-term horizons.


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The Company’s Fundamentals

Even though unlisted companies don’t believe in giving away too much information regarding operations, you may consider giving away info as much as you can to gauge the financial condition or growth prospects. MCA also has important details on companies there. You could get details from brokers on the website of the company and look up new newspapers and websites.

How to trade stocks post listing?

Sell on the day of listing

Always conduct your own level of research to see which IPO is performing better on the day of the listing. This reference, however, shall also depend on the stock’s timing. You could also attend pre-market sessions to know which one is being listed.

Cover your expenses

Next, make sure that all the costs are covered on the day of the listing. You could also sell approximately 75 shares of all the 100 shares to recover all the investments. The rest of the shares could be kept over a period of time as a strong stock as well.

Sell them in installments

Sell with little quantity. You could have your usual window once the quarterly earnings and their reports have come out. This will give you many opportunities within one year to sell.

No one can predict the future. After all, we are living in uncertain times. Hence, it is important that we keep a proper exit strategy. The strategies mentioned above will help you not just diversify your portfolio but also make the right strategies for future trading purposes.

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