In this digital world writing unique content, became the toughest task. Hiring a freelancer or content writer for writing your content whatever the content it might be, you need to pay some money even if you paid well you might have a question about whether the content is up to the mark, will the content rank higher, and so on.

Here is a solution for you, Even If you don’t have money to pay your writer, If your looking to create Unique Content, Don’t worry AI is here to help you. As per the research done by team cheapandbesthosting, There are lots of AI writing tools available, You can use them for free or buy them for a lifetime or use the tool in a monthly subscription. Here we have listed the Top 10 AI writing tools for you, you can use them for free.

Top 10 AI Writing Tool

Let’s have a deep look at some AI tools, we will discuss its features and subscriptions so that you could select the tool based on your requirement and budget. Here are the top 10 AI writing tools that you can use for free, some of these tools need a minimum subscription to create Unique content.


If you are new to writing content with AI, then Rytr will be the better option for you because the algorithm of the Rytr tool is written in such a way that its Rytr tool was trained on a huge variety of words. Nowadays Rytr can be used to create content in various niches Rytr could write content on sports, business, blogs and so on.


By using the Rytr tool you can create content in less than an hour, without grammatical errors and flaws that too without human help.


  • Provides Top-notch Grammar,
  • To ensure the quality of content Rytr provides Plagiarism Checker,
  • It provides more than 1000 ideas to pick a suitable one for you,
  • Creates quality rich content in a short time,
  • Customize your content based on your requirements.


   Rytr comes with three different plans a free plan, a saver plan and an Unlimited plan.

  • The Saver plan costs 9 USD per month and 90 USD per year.
  • The unlimited plan costs 29 USD per month and 290 USD per year.

In both the plans you will get extra 2 months of subscription.


Jasper formerly known as Jarvis is one of the leading AI writing tools, All you need to do is just start writing your content Jasper will finish the rest for you. Jasper will create content with zero grammatical errors and proper punctuation and so on. Give some information as input to Jasper, it will create content for you, by using Jasper you can create any kind of article you need.


  • Helps to optimize your content with SEO surfer,
  • Helps to create content with more accuracy and speed,
  • Create content without Plagiarism,
  • Helps to write the whole document with help of AI,
  • With sufficient input, one can create a complete article in a few minutes.


    Jasper comes with two different tools and along with this you need to buy an add-on if required,

  • The starter plan costs 29 USD per month with a word count of 20,000 words a month
  • The Boss plan costs 59 USD per month with a word count of 50,000 words a month

Along with these plans, users can buy an SEO surfer add-on for 59 USD a month.

If you find the pricing high, you can also check out the discount offers at hostingblackfridaydeals.


Quillbot is one of the best tools for students and beginners, this tool comes with various modes that help to deliver content in 7 different modes. The major advantage of this tool is that it provides 3 modes for free, with no need to buy a subscription. You can even use it without sign-up


  • Helps to create professional and grammatical error-free content,
  • This tool provides an extension which can be added to chrome,
  • It comes with a plagiarism checker, just copy and paste the content to check the quality,
  • Provides different ideas to create content, depending upon the given input.


Quillbot provides three different plans, by purchasing the annual plan you can save more money than the monthly plan,

  • The Annual Plan costs 8 USD a month,
  • The Monthly Plan costs 19 USD a month,
  • The Semi-Annual plan costs 13 USD a month.

The major advantage of this pricing plan is that it provides a semi-annual plan, you can buy the subscription for 6 months.       


Grammarly is one of the best writing tools available on the internet, Grammarly checks for grammatical errors even if you write a single sentence, and Grammarly provides a rewriting option to improve the quality of the content. You can add it to your chrome as an extension so that you can use it on all sites to check the grammar and quality. Grammarly checks the sentence in various accents like UK, US and so on.



  • Provides a variety of language support,
  • Provides Spelling check, punctuation and so on,
  • It can be used on all platforms,
  • Helps more in proofreading,
  • Helps to improve the style of your content.


Grammarly comes with three different plans a basic plan or free plan, a premium plan and a business plan.

  • The premium plan costs 12 USD a month,
  • The Business plan can be used by you and your teammates, it costs 12.50 USD a month

The major advantage of this pricing plan is the Business plan it can be used by your teammates the expenses can be reduced.


Wordtune helps to write a document using its editor, by using this you can write content by yourself with the help of AI, It is suitable for people who want to edit the context on their own, It provides various tools, also it helps to write in various tone. It helps to create content with more readability, and also helps to create more engaging content.


  • Provides control over your content,
  • Completely works in the cloud,
  • It can be integrated into Microsoft Word,
  • Helps to change the tone of the content.


Wordtune comes with three different plans a free plan, a premium plan and a plan for a team.

  • The Premium plan costs almost 10 USD per month, if you buy it for a year, you can save 60%
  • To buy a business plan, they have provided the contact section, by contacting the developers you can buy it for your team at a low price.


By using the copysmith you can create your content from the scratch it offers various tools using which users can create content on various topics. Also, cory smith helps to promote the content.

The algorithm of Copywriting is created in such a way that improves the style and Uniqueness of the content created. By using its article builder you can create quality rich articles for your business and it provides landing pages, sales pages and so on.


  • You can Develop your content from the templates,
  • Provides various supports to create your content,
  • An editor helps to do all your work in a single place,
  • Helps to promote your content,
  • Provides business plans which can be used by a team.


The copysmith comes with three different plans a starter plan, a Professional plan and a Business plan.

  • The starter plan is free to use with limited features,
  • The professional plan costs 59 USD per month with a plagiarism checker, credit points and so on,
  • The business plan can be used by a team and it can be purchased by contacting the developers of Copysmith

Ink for All

Ink for All is created especially for Search Engine Optimization by SEO leaders. Creating your content in Ink For All will help to rank higher in google searches. Also by using Ink For All users can create content faster. When you use Ink For All to create your content you need not to hire any SEO expert to optimize your content. It can be used from a browser and it can be also used as an extension.


  • Promotes SEO of your content,
  • Improves The traffic,
  • Provides faster AI writing tool,
  • It can be integrated into your WordPress site.


Ink For All does not provide any free plan, Ink for all comes with three different plans, a starter plan, a pro plan and a business plan.

  • The starter plan costs 8.80 USD a month with various features,
  • The Pro SEO plan costs 44 USD a month with extra features including starter plan features,
  • The Team SEO plan costs 177 USD per month with additional features including pro features.

The major disadvantage is that there is no trial or free plan available in Ink for all but it provides tremendous features in Pricing plans.


Anyword helps to create your blog in a few minutes by using the templates. The major advantage is that Anyword focuses on keywords. By providing the required keywords as input the blogs created in Anyword can be ranked higher in google search. By providing the list of keywords users can create blogs based on their requirements. Like other tools, in the list, Anyword will also support many languages and various ascents.


  • Predicts the performance score of the blog,
  • Helps to create an advanced Home page for the blog,
  • Helps to optimize content with more CTA,
  • Easier to create an entire blog post.


Anyword comes with three different pricing plans a free plan, a basic plan and a data-driven plan. The major advantage of this plan is that based on the word count user can select the plan.

  • The Basic plan costs 16 USD a month for 15,000 words,
  • The  Data-driven plan costs 83 USD a month for 30,000 words,
  • The Data-driven plan costs 266 USD with an Unlimited word count.


Writesonic helps to create a complete blog post in a few clicks, writesonic is developed and trained in such a way that it creates excellent content out of the given content. Writesonic is best for marketers and e-commerce brands to create descriptions for their products and brands. By providing a little information you can create a complete blog post.


  • Prevents grammatical errors,
  • Helps to develop content in multiple languages,
  • Provides AI support to create content for Home page, ads, blog posts and so on,
  • Provides a huge variety of built-in templates,
  • Provides Trial for checking out the features, before purchasing.


Writesonic comes with three different plans a free plan, a short form plan and a long-form plan these plans can be customized based on the words and users.

  • The short form plan costs 16.67 USD a month for 62,500 words, it can be used by 2 users,
  • The short form plan costs 26.67 USD a month for 125,000 words, it can be used by 4 users,
  • The long-term plan costs 13 USD a month for 47,500 words, and 66 USD a month for 400,000 words it can be used by 5 users.
  • The long-term plan costs 666 USD a month for up to 5,000,000 words, it can be used by 10 users.
  • The long-term plan includes the features of the short-term plan along with the features of a long-term plan.


Copy Ai is one of the best tools for creating blogs using its pre-defined templates, also it provides a huge variety of automated tools, The top companies like eBay and Nestle are using CopyAI for its pre-defined templates which is much helpful to create content for their blogs in few minutes. More than 1,000,000 people are using CopyAI to develop unique content.


  • Provides Simplify Tool to modify the tone of the sentence,
  • Helps to create content for Google Ads, Linkedin and so on,
  • Helps to create Meta and product descriptions in a unique way,
  • Provides various features to attract your targeted audience,
  • This tool can be used without signing in.


The CopyAI comes with a free plan, a pro plan and a customized plan. The free plan has limited features including 90+ tools, more than 20 languages and so on.

  • The Pro plan costs 49 USD a month including the features of the free plan,
  • The Customized plan costs are based on your requirements.

FAQ People Also Ask

Which is the best AI writing tool?

There are several best AI tools available nowadays, You can choose based upon your requirements. 

How do the AI tools create content?

The algorithm of the AI tools is written in such a way, that these tools are trained on historical data and words. The user needs to give some instructions to the tool, so that the tool can create an entire blog post.

Is AI writing tools lead to plagiarism?

No, AI tools are developed with the plagiarism checker so that it will not lead to plagiarism.

Can I use AI tools for free

Yes, Anyone can use AI tools for free but with limited features.

Final Thoughts

After hours of research, we have listed these AI tools which will be helpful to create quality rich content. You can select the tool based on your requirements and budget, here we have listed tools with free plans for you, before purchasing you can try these tools to know whether these tools will be suitable for you. By using these AI tools you can create blog posts in a short period of time and these tools help you to rank higher in Google searches.

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