Toor Lockbox Net Worth 2024: Revenue after Shark Tank

Toor Lockbox's net worth is $190 US Dollars. Toor Lockbox, a business featured on Shark Tank, has stopped functions and is not developing any income.


Toor Lockbox Net Worth

Toor Lockbox’s net worth is $190 US Dollars as of 2024. Toor Lockbox, a business featured on Shark Tank, has stopped functions and is not developing any income. Despite obtaining a $500,000 investment from Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran, the product finally fell, and the investors lost their whole acquisition.

The Toor Smart Lockbox is a smartphone-controlled appliance that permits authorized users to access their house keys remotely. It allows the suitable granting of access to cleaning or pool benefits while you’re out or to Airbnb renters. The lock box was created by Junior Desinor, who also co-founded City Natural, an oil firm, with his spouse after introducing the Toor in 2018.

Toor Lockbox Net Worth

FounderJunior Desinor
Net Worth (2024)$190
InvestorsKevin, Barbara
Annual Sales$0.00
Lifetime Sales$8,500
Todays StatusLoss Venture

Junior Desinor’s Background

Junior Desinor was raised by Haitian immigrants in Dallas, Texas. Despite meeting difficulties in his upbringing, he established his industry at the early age of 18 and shortly after bought his 1st property. Desinor’s devotion to purchasing real estate led him to function as president of the real estate club during his period at Texas Tech University.

Junior received his real estate license in 2008 and quickly became one of the most youthful agents in his state. After functioning at Keller Williams Realty for over 2 years, he chose to launch his own business named Level Properties in 2011. To date, the brokerage is even successfully working. In 2013 alone, Junior gained exceptional property sales totaling more than $100 million.


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Establishing Toor

After 15 years in the enterprise, Desinor recognized that the current procedure for purchasing a home was ineffective. Potential consumers had to depend on agents to access and tour belongings, which often took up a substantial amount of time due to planning appointments.

Toor has created a smart lockbox resolution to handle the matter of securing keys for available properties. The lockbox is accompanied by an app that allows brokers to grant or refuse access to a property. Since its installation in 2016, Toor has concentrated on partnering with designated real estate brokerages instead of individual vendors. Through a successful Kickstarter campaign, they were capable of producing $100,412 in pre-sales.

Toor Lockbox Revenue

Toor, a product launched on Shark Tank, initially had no deals and had not yet tested the market. Despite receiving $9,000 in pre-orders, the product was never supplied, and consumers’ payments were reimbursed.

Kevin and Barbara lost their $200,000 acquisition but were able to regain the $300,000 loan they had given to the business. Mark Cuban and Barbara teased Chris Sacca for his thought that Toor Lockbox was not impressive and had many competitors. Finally, Barbara obtained a lovely outcome in this episode.

Toor Lockbox

What happened to the Toor Lockbox Founder?

Junior Desinor, the inventor of Toor Lockbox, was favorably viewed for his sales skills on the shark tank episode. Nevertheless, it became evident after the investment that he lacked the necessary entrepreneurial abilities. Junior struggled with stock management and lacked the specialized expertise to handle product problems.

Barbara hired the creator of Toor Lockbox, Junior Designer, for $100,000 each year after the company’s failure. Junior now functions as a senior executive in Barbara’s real estate company and recently closed an $8 million real estate deal in Toronto. This successful transaction made him over $75,000 in bonus pay.

Barbara has retrieved her losses by hiring him, while Kevin has accepted his investment as a loss. In an interview, Kevin voiced guilt for falling target to a persuasive salesperson despite only losing $100,000.

Toor Lockbox Pitch

Junior Desinor, the creator of Toor Lockbox, entered the Tank pursuing $500,000 for a 10% stake in his business. All of Toor Lockbox’s deals thus distant have come from Kickstarter, where Desinor successfully pre-sold 800 units and developed over $100,000 in earnings. While Chris Sacca voiced worries about the contest in the market, the other sharks seemed interested in potentially investing.

Regardless, Mark Cuban and Barbara supported Chris Sacca’s decision-making procedure and offered aid to the inventor of Toor Lockbox. Chris Sacca’s investment instincts were validated as Barbara confessed to a noteworthy mistake in judgment. Toor, which she invested in on Shark Tank, turned out to be one of her poorest investments.


Toor Lockbox has unfortunately discontinued functions and is no longer developing income. Their net worth presently stands at $190 US Dollars. The logic behind their downfall is uncertain, but elements such as market saturation or interior challenges such as mismanagement may have played a part. While $190 may seem small, likened to other successful businesses, it symbolizes the action and investment made by founders and investors.


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