Taliban Net Worth: How much wealth does the Taliban have and where does the ‘immense’ money to run the organization come from? Know the Taliban budget. The Taliban is rapidly gaining ground in Afghanistan and it’s believed that within subsequent three months, the Taliban will capture the Afghan capital Kabul. Also check Apple net Worth, Facebook Net Worth, Amazon Net Worth and Flipkart Net Worth.

The Taliban have taken control of the capitals of 12 provinces, and leaders and social activists are taken prisoner in many of the country’s provinces. But, the Taliban of 2021 looks quite different from the Taliban of the late 2000s. The video released by the Taliban and therefore the video footage of the Taliban quoting from different media sources, clearly shows that there has been a change within the dress and dealing sort of the Taliban leaders.

Taliban Net Worth

Net Worth$1.6 Billion
Net Worth in Indian RupeesRs. 11,900 Crore
Afghan government Budget 2020$5.5 Billion
Annual Turnover 2016$400 million
ISIS Net Worth$2.5 Billion

Taliban Revenue:

How did the Taliban become rich, where does the cash come from? | How much has the Taliban changed?

The reports that are being received about the Taliban and therefore the video footage that are available show that the Taliban have gotten sophisticated weapons and that they have modern SUV vehicles. the garments worn by Taliban fighters look new and fairly clean, while the old Taliban’s garb was also old and their lifestyle was also like that of the tribes. Although, at the ideological level, the Taliban’s thinking remains very almost like the old Taliban and therefore the Taliban’s views on women are dangerous, but the Taliban of 2021 doesn’t show the madness of the Taliban of the 1990s.

The Taliban fighters now look disciplined and that they seem to possess been well trained and appear confident and why not look confident, after all, their coffers are filled with money.

Taliban was at number five in 2016

So the question arises that what proportion of money does Taliban have and where does this money come from? In 2016, Forbes magazine released the list of the world’s richest terrorist organizations, during which the Taliban was ranked because the fifth richest terrorist group. At that point, the terrorist group ISIS was said to be the richest terrorist organization and its assets were estimated to be around US$ 2 billion.


Although ISIS occupied large parts of Iraq and received funding from Islamic extremist organizations located in many countries, the US destroyed ISIS and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was bombed by the US Was. But,  consistent with a Forbes report, the Taliban’s annual turnover in 2016 was estimated at around $ 400 million.

Barometer Taliban new
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How much property does the Taliban have

Forbes said in its report that the essential sources of cash for the Taliban were drug traffic, extortion within the name of providing security, donations from different extremist organizations and money collected from areas where the Taliban controlled. Forbes released this report of 400 million annual ‘trade’ in 2016 and at that point, the Taliban was very weak and controlled only a couple of small areas. But now the Taliban has control over many big and important cities of Afghanistan and its wealth has registered an enormous increase.

Taliban’s assets increased significantly

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty has made a disclosure about the assets of the Taliban, citing a confidential report of NATO. it’s been said within the report that the wealth of the Taliban has increased manifold. The report said the Taliban’s annual budget within the 2019-2020 financial year was $1.6 billion, a 400 percent increase over four years compared to 2016’s Forbes figures. during this report, it’s been shown by making an inventory that from where the Taliban gets such a lot money and where does the Taliban spend this money on what items.

Source of revenue for taliban

The report was obtained by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty from the intelligence document of NATO, during which the complete story of the Taliban’s earnings is recorded. The report says that the Taliban earns $464 million from mining and $416 million from drug traffic. Aan equivalent time, the Taliban receives $ 240 million in donations from different extremist organizations and therefore the Taliban collects about $ 240 million from people in several ways. At an equivalent time, from the areas which are occupied by the Taliban, the Taliban collects about 160 million in tax, which incorporates protection money and extortion money. At an equivalent time, the Taliban earns $ 80 million from land.

Taliban trying to become self-reliant

The confidential NATO report highlights the very fact that the Taliban leadership is moving towards self-reliance to become an independent political and military entity, trying to not believe the other country or organization for money. consistent with the report, for several years the Taliban are trying to scale back their dependence on foreign organizations and foreign countries, especially Pakistan, for money. consistent with NATO intelligence reports, the Taliban reportedly received an estimated $500 million dollars from foreign sources in 2017-18, which the Taliban has reduced significantly in 2020.


Question on Afghanistan government?

The most surprising thing is that consistent with the budget released in 2020, the official budget of the Afghan government was $ 5.5 billion, of which but 2 percent was given to the defense budget. Although America was spending most of the cash keep the Taliban on the border of Afghanistan, but experts say that the Afghan government has not spent money on the defense budget, thanks to which things has completely changed today and therefore the Taliban The Afghan government has completely did not stop it.

US spent 1 trillion

The US claims it’s spent nearly a trillion dollars in Afghanistan over the past 20 years on training and arming troops, including fighting the Taliban. But, the US has not yet completely evacuated Afghanistan and therefore the Taliban’s siege of Kabul before that raises questions on America’s strength.

From the business point of view, the Taliban has made steady progress and has maintained a source of cash, and thanks to this, today’s Taliban seems to possess changed tons and has started talks with international organizations by changing its ideology. , because the Taliban is now starting to know that if it wants to get on the worldwide stage, it’s to barter and if it wants to stay its organization alive, then it’ll need to consider different sources of cash.

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