How to score good in CA Final Audit: Study, Writing and Presentation Tips

How to score good in CA Final Audit Subject: Audit subject is Interesting andamp; Important as well, First of all, take out from your mind that audit is difficult.

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How to score good in CA Final Audit

How to score good in CA Final Audit Subject:Audit subject is Interesting and Important as well, First of all take out from your mind that audit is difficult. Believe me Audit is REALLY VERY EASY and INTERESTING.Let me share some tips that can help you to score better in Audit and ultimately help you to contribute in aggregate marks in first group. Now check more details for “How to score good in CA Final Audit subject” from below.

Audit Strategy for 1.5 day

Read it full hardly 3 min reading time

  • Take some rest stay away form social media nd chating grups
  • Have some fruits or juice you need to get quick energy. If these not available have nimbu pani or shikanji
  • Start audit from 7pm or 6.30 pm try 6.30 pm if you reached home early
  • Dont waste time in discussing sfm move forward to audit now today study is most crucial you can’t afford wasting any time believe me audit course is really lengthy.

Now move forward to a sound revision plan

1. PE and Company audit are most imp because if you write answer properly chances are there examiner award you good marks or may be full.

  • 1a. You Should revise PE Co Audit on sfm exam day but u need to quickly revise them again on exam day in 50-60 min

Alternatively revise these on exam day as your retention will be strong and you need to keep minimum 3-4.5 hour for these.


Content in this Article

By Company audit i mean all sections related to companies act which are part of audit course

  • 2a. SA cover good marks but they are hell boring nd need many hours to cover them completely students get panic after finishing them that they don’t have sufficient time for other topics so
  • 2b. Cover 3-4 SA after that pick a other audit chapter and do 3-4 SA again in this way you can finish all SA along with many other audit chapter. (there are 35 SA in course)

3. Pick lengthy topic for last like bank audit, tax audit.

4. I did analysis of past trend in audit according to that you should do revision means the topics which asked most times should be revised first.

  • 4a. But it is possible you never did some topic or didnt covered it’s question properly which is imp according to past trend believe me you can’t cover it now don’t waste any time better Leave it.

5. Don’t try any new material now and only revise which u already covered earlier. If u already using pg scanner use that only for other audit chapters it will save time nd coverage of scanner is really good

So do PE and Co audit today after that start SA with other audit topic yesterday, once you finish SA with approx 8-10 other audit imp topics do remaining.

And quickly revise imp things before exams like clause numbers, SA names, any limits like under companies act

Regards CA Uttam Kalika

How to score good in CA Final Audit

There are many minor tips that will help you.

MOST IMPORTANT – After you Finish your reading topics, read and understand how beautifully the answers are written in the ICAI PM.

LIST DOWN the important sections on index page so that during one day before exam you can revise all of them quickly and you can refer only those where you are poor.

Read and understand the audit as if you are an auditor.

After you Finish your reading, shut down your books and try to write answer for previous examination.

While writing answers, your objectives should be

  • On first writing – Accurate Answers,
  • On second writing – Accurate answers, Within time and Good

VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT the first writing may be after reading PM without setting time and without sitting in examination condition.

While during second writing – it should be under examination condition.

The question may arise in your mind that why writing practice.

The answer is the writing practice suggest you

  • Writing speed,
  • Handwriting

Note that the handwriting need not to be beautiful but atleast it should be readable.

Conclusion – Writing practice teaches you to have a balance between Handwriting and writing speed.


Present your paper in a unique form.

Some expert students and Famous faculties have given Following tips that will help you.

  • Write answer pointwise and avoid Paragraph writing
  • Avoid short cut
  • Leave a seprate line between two
  • Each seprate sentence should start in a seprate
  • Underline with a pencil the main body of the answer and
  • Each sub – question should begin on a seprate page
  • There should be Heading to the answer and that heading of the answer shound be BOLDand UNDERLINED.
  • The vertical line on the Right hand of the page should not be drawn.

It may be Imaginary. So you leave some space before your line comes to an end.

Moral – The presentation has good Marks.

Note – Please be helping hands and share the notes to the maximum number of students.

Thank You and Best of Luck for your FUTURE.

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