QuickBooks is so adored by small and mid-sized business accountants and CPAs across the world for its advanced functionalities. It always strikes a thumping victory in the popularity contest among its rivals. A part of QuickBooks users still sticks with the QuickBooks Desktop version for its robust quality sets. You can inherit the robust features of the QuickBooks Desktop version and the remote and multiple user access of QuickBooks online as well.

Choosing a QuickBooks Hosting Provider

You might be operating any version of the QuickBooks desktop. You may require enabling accessibility from different places and by different users. This is where QuickBooks hosting comes into space. Once you make up your mind to migrate your QuickBooks Desktop to cloud hosting, many hosting providers hurl upon you over the web. As cloud hosting allows software programs to be fast and effortlessly accessed on Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Server Machine from anywhere, users will be able to work whenever and wherever they want. 

3 Questions to Ask Before Selecting the best QuickBooks Hosting Provider

Here are some questions that you should ask the QuickBooks Hosting provider before you sign up with them.

Is your hosting service authorized by Intuit?

This should be your first criterion to consider while you are looking out for the finest QuickBooks hosting providers. Intuit runs a hosting program for QuickBooks with which it screens the hosts and selects the best hosting providers as per their standards and services. So, if a hosting passes the Intuit screening, it will not have problems with compliance. So, try to select from the service providers hosting QuickBooks with the authorization badge from Intuit for better integration.

How do you help us solve issues?


QuickBooks hosting may work seamlessly with the tutorials after installation. Most famous QuickBooks hosts have detailed video tutorials and how-to’s on their social media. But usually, you may get stuck at some point in time with some technical problems in later days. So, you will have to get your problems cleared in the shortest span possible. This will be achievable only with an efficient and timely customer support system. Most famous QuickBooks Hosting providers have customer support round the clock, throughout the calendar to cater to the issues of their clients. Top host services are available 24/7 on all platforms such as chat, call, and mail. 

What steps do you take for data security and backup?

Data safety and security are the keys to why we tend to opt for cloud hosting services. So, migrating your licensed software to a cloud hosting provider is the finest way to retain your resources. Have a run of their privacy policies to entrust them with confidentiality and integrity. It is also essential that you learn about the frequency of backup and recovery options available in case of any accidental loss. The QuickBooks hosting providers store your data in data centers. The data centers are categorized into four based on their uptime and data redundancy.


Walk through the feature sets and select the best QuickBooks Hosting Provider. Also, assure that the host you are choosing works for your version of QuickBooks Desktop. Research and select your best fit. If your business relies on QuickBooks for accounting, you must have an eye on Apps4Rent as it is the best QuickBooks hosting provider.

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