What Questions Do Car Insurance Companies Ask and Why

Insurance policy providers ask a number of questions to ascertain the right policy for you. Read further to know what questions you may asked before buying.

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What Questions Do Car Insurance Companies Ask

Insurance policy providers ask a number of questions to ascertain the right policy for you. This includes considerations such as the cost that would be best suitable, and the premium amount as well. These questions can feel overwhelming for some, which is why we are laying down some routine questions that are asked along with an explanation as to why they are important.

1. What is your zip code?

This question is more important than you think, this will be a deciding factor for your premium and your car insurance quote. As someone who lives in a city will be paying higher than someone living in the suburbs.

2. Which car will you be insuring?

The insurer is trying to gauge the car model, value, etc. to understand the cost that the car might incur.

3. The owner of the car?

Your premium amount will differ depending on the status of ownership – paid for, financed, or leased.


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4. Relationship Status?

Car insurers tend to give discounts to families or married couples as opposed to single drivers. This is because of the assumption that families and married couples drive safer.

5. Driving Experience?

Individuals with longer driving histories tend to get a lower premium as compared to inexperienced drivers.

6. Level of education?

Your level of education could also make a difference, someone with higher education, bachelor’s/master’s degree could potentially get a discount. This varies from insurer to insurer.

What Questions Do Car Insurance Companies Ask and Why

7. Are you a homeowner?

Someone who already owns a home as compared to someone staying with their parents or on rent will get discounts and perks from multiple insurance providers.

8. What kind of coverage are you looking for?

An insurance provider will not be able to give a quote unless they know what kind of coverage you require if any add-ons will be taken etc.

9. What is the status of your license?

The status of your license is extremely important as someone whose license has been revoked, suspended, or expired will have a tough time availing of car insurance. This is why it’s important to apply for insurance with a valid license.

10. What is the main purpose of your car?

There are multiple reasons as to why someone purchases a car, the insurer tries to understand the usage of the car and will provide a quote accordingly.

Along with these routine questions, an insurance provider can ask other questions as well that can be easily answered. Here are the car insurance policies offered by Chola MS.

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