Playing FPS Video Games: Popularly known by gamers as First-person shooter, an FPS game, is a type of video game that requires a player to aim and shoot at opponents. Its consists of a virtual scene made realistic through 3D design and filled with opponents such as; monsters, aliens, mutated humans, soldiers and various terrorists. Gamers often enjoy playing games that require simple user-friendly techniques. FPS games are generally played using easy hardware, which includes; a keyboard, mouse or for some specialized games, a controller. These hardware are operated by just clicking.

Benefits of Playing FPS Video Games for Kids and Adults

In order to achieve the highest level of success in FPS games, players need to respond quickly when shooting targets, and this can only be done by enhancing clicking skills. This is regularly done by undertaking click per speed tests, otherwise called CPS tests.

Click per speed tests, measure the number of clicks you can make within a particular time. As accuracy and aim is necessary to level up in the game, continuous practice of clicking speed would help form the needed precision. Different sites offer this clicks per second tests to help increase your gaming performance.

While most people are huge fans of these gaming apps and platforms, some others question their usefulness to society. Debate on whether these video games are beneficial or not have been going on for decades. Although its addictiveness comes as a disadvantage, its benefits still exist.

Advantages of Playing FPS Games 


There are lots of advantages in playing FPS games. Below are some of these benefits.

Improved Cognitive Skills 

A study in 2013, showed that kids who played games which required strategy, developed skills in problem-solving, and this in turn helped in improving their grades. 

Gamers generally have better intellectual abilities, as a result of the strategic planning and reasoning that comes with uncovering puzzles, shooting opponents and levelling up.

Increased Resilience 

Starting out as a beginner can be quite difficult for new players. The challenges become frustrating, and technical skills needed to progress in the game would be lacking. But, let’s not forget that all successful gamers start-up as beginners.

The cycle of continuous practice allows room for improvement. With each failure, a gamer persists and tries again, until progress is made. Some researchers argue that this persistence shown by gamers is applicable to daily life, as it improves their confidence and resilience.

Improved Social Skills 

Most FPS games are designed as multiplayer games. This means that it can be played by a group of people. 

When different players, who share the same interests, compete in these games, friendships are formed. The games act as connectors, bringing together people from different backgrounds. This helps to build healthy relationships, which extend beyond the game.

Enhanced Memory

According to research carried out by the University of California, video games benefit kids and adults by improving memory retentiveness. The effort put into aiming accurately on FPS games help gamers eliminate the risk of forgetfulness.


Unlike the popular belief that gamers are dull and lazy, research has shown that playing these games require certain coordinated skills and intellect. Actively engaging the brain in these games can result in some positive structural changes, which include attentiveness, social and technical skills with overall mental alertness.

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