Mark Braxton Rober, known simply as Mark Rober, was born in Orange County, California, United States, on 11 March 1980. Mark Rober was raised in Orange County by his parents. He used to spend most of his time watching television. He used to focus on science shows from a very young age, and he used to learn very quickly as well.

Mark Rober was quite aware of his surroundings, and he used to make several very useful gadgets from a very young age. During an interview, he told about his invention of goggles, which prevents tears while slicing onions. He made that goggles at a very young age. Later, he involved himself even more in the study of science. He went to the University of Southern California, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. You may also like Stevewilldoit Net Worth.

Mark Rober: Career and Awards

Mark Rober started his career at a very young age. After graduation, he went to NASA, where he started working in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He became a very successful engineer within a few years and has managed to achieve critical acclaim. He became the lead man, as he created many hardware like AMT, SMAT, GRAIL, etc., for the JPL Mission. Rober also led other missions and helped NASA in understanding how intermedia is related to wiki technology. Mark Rober stayed at NASA for almost nine years.

Although in the later phases of his career, he started making YouTube videos. He used to make pranks videos, which gained huge success on YouTube. He left NASA in 2013 and later Focused most of his time on his Halloween costume company, Digital Dudz. Mark Rober currently has around 21 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Lately, he has started collaborating with several YouTubers. He has also appeared in shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live. You may also like Kevin Samuels Net Worth.



Mark Rober has stayed most of his early years in California, where he completed his high school studies. Though, he has not told me the name of the school. Later, he went to the University of Southern California, where he got his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering. 

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