In a broad sense, an intro in any video functions as the channel’s calling card. It is consistent throughout all videos or opens a specific category. When you encounter a familiar intro sequence, you immediately recognize the video. Simultaneously, the image does not need to be complex in order to be remembered. Also, the intro helps to notice when the next video starts if a person is watching an auto-switching playlist. If you want to become a famous vlogger or just want to learn how to make youtube intro free, then read this review.

What Are the Requirements for Creating an Intro?

A successful intro should follow some rules:

  • Lasts 5-7 seconds. This time is enough to read the title of a column or blog, to go over the disclaimer.
  • Is not loud. Don’t scare the viewer. The splash screen and the main part of the video should be of the same volume.
  • Makes sense. Blogger name, age limit, etc.
  • Is unique and recognizable. Often we recognize the videos of famous bloggers by the initial branded intro, or by the corresponding background music;
  • Corresponds to the style of the channel. If you are talking about home renovations, the intro can show tools and a happy family in a brand-new kitchen.

How Big Should a YouTube Splash Screen Be?

The intro is a 16:9 (wide screen) MP4 video. We recommend exporting the intro in the highest resolution for the best YouTube results. 1920×1080 pixels is the standard widescreen aspect ratio for videos.

What Information Should Be Included in the Splash Screen?

A good YouTube intro usually contains useful information for viewers and subscribers. Add any short text that you see fit — the video title, episode number, channel name, and social media profile names. When designing the text, do not forget to adhere to the style and format of the brand.

How to Make Youtube Intro Free

How to Make an Intro for YouTube for Free?


If you lack ideas of your own or don’t have experience creating intros yet, we suggest starting with a ready-made template for YouTube, which you can find in any online timeline editor. After you have chosen an online editor, follow these steps.

Step 1. Choose a Splash Screen Template

Select a splash screen template on the editor’s main page. To do this, open the YouTube category and browse the available options. Select the appropriate template, after which the editor will start automatically.

Step 2: Edit the Template

To edit the title, click on the text in the video preview area. A frame will appear around the text. Among the editing options, you’ll see above the video preview, select Text. Change the text in the field. For example, add the name of a video or YouTube channel. You can also adjust the font and alignment, or duplicate the text to add multiple text boxes.

Step 3: Add Royalty Free Background Music

If you are not satisfied with the template audio, replace it with another stock track. You can also use your own royalty-free music. Just upload a track to your library and add it to your video. In addition to music, the intro can be customized with YouTube-specific sound effects such as pops, beeps, and clicks.

Step 4: Add GIFs and YouTube Stickers

Decorate your screensaver with a GIPHY sticker or GIF animation. To do this, open the “Graphics” tab and select the “Stickers” or GIPHY option. Drag the sticker to the timeline. It can also be scaled or cropped manually using the tools above the preview area. We advise you to choose YouTube-themed stickers, for example, a call to subscribe, “thumbs up”, a bell, and so on.

Step 5. Export the Resulting Video

To save your YouTube intro, click the “Export” button. Choose from 480, 720, and 1080p resolutions. For YouTube, we recommend 1080p (HD). Save your screensaver to your computer or the cloud with integration with YouTube, OneDrive, or another platform.


So, now you know how to edit a YouTube intro for free. If you do not want to install software on your PC, but want to quickly and freely create an intro for YouTube, then use the ready-made YouTube intro template by selecting a free online editor.

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