As of 2024, American retired professional basketball player, Kris Humphries’ Net Worth is estimated to be $40 Million. Kris Humphries has earned over $60 million just from salary and apart from that, he has earned $10 million as bonuses. Kris Humphries is a very handsome gentleman that’s why he has been the darling of the advertising world where he has earned $20 million in the last 15 years. Kris Humphries currently lives in his hometown of Minnesota in a property that comes with a price tag of $4 million.

Stay tuned for more news on celebrities. He should have been known for his 13-year-long NBA career. He should have been known for his outstanding performance that took his team to the championship level. He should have been known for many things but he is mostly known for one thing and that is his relationship with Kim Kardashian. We are talking about Kris Humphries.

Kris Humphries Net Worth

NameKris Humphries
Net Worth (2024)$40 Million
ProfessionAmerican former professional basketball player
Monthly Income$0.2 Million +
Yearly Income$3 Million +
Yearly Expenses$300,000
NBA Number43 (Boston Celtics / Power forward), MORE
NBA Salary44.4 lakhs USD (2016)
CollegeMinnesota (2003–2004)
NBA draft2004: 1st round, 14th overall pick
Last Updated2024
Kris Humphries Biography

We all know almost everything about the reality show where Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries met each other. Did you know that Kris Humphries bought $2 million worth of wedding rings for Kim Kardashian? We have no idea after they broke up who has possession of that wedding ring. Very few people know that before Kris Humphries became a world-class basketball player he was a big-level swimming contestant. He still holds the 50 m and hundred-meter high school records.

We all know that he met Kim Kardashian in a reality show where both were participating as paid guests. Very few people know that he was getting paid almost $6 million for the whole season and Kim Kardashian was getting paid $300,000 for the whole season. Today if we like to cast Kim Kardashian in any kind of reality show we would have to shell out almost $40 million. You may also like LeBron James Net Worth.

Kris Humphries NBA Salary

2004-05Utah JazzNBA$1,481,400
2005-06Utah JazzNBA$1,592,400
2006-07Toronto RaptorsNBA$1,703,520
2007-08Toronto RaptorsNBA$2,522,913
2008-09Toronto RaptorsNBA$3,200,000
2009-10New Jersey NetsNBA$3,200,000
2010-11New Jersey NetsNBA$3,200,000
2011-12New Jersey NetsNBA$8,000,000
2012-13Brooklyn NetsNBA$12,000,000
2013-14Boston CelticsNBA$12,000,000
2014-15Washington WizardsNBA$4,300,000
2015-16Phoenix SunsNBA$4,600,000
2015-16Atlanta HawksNBA$388,025
2016-17Atlanta HawksNBA$4,000,000
Career(may be incomplete) $62,188,258

Kris Humphries Net Worth Growth

Kris Humphries Net Worth in 2024$40 Million
Kris Humphries Net Worth in 2023$37 Million
Kris Humphries Net Worth in 2022$34 Million
Kris Humphries Net Worth in 2021$31 Million
Kris Humphries Net Worth in 2020$28 Million
Kris Humphries Net Worth in 2019$25 Million


As of 2024, Kris Humphries’s estimated net wealth is over $40 Million. This makes him one of the richest celebrities in the United States. Kris Humphries’s net wealth has consistently increased over the years and it’s expected to continue growing in the coming years. His wealth has more than doubled since 2022, showing his enduring popularity and business acumen.

Kris Humphries has been featured by Forbes as one of the highest-paid American basketball players, showcasing his immense commercial success. I hope these answers provide you with a good overview of Kris Humphries’s wealth and its various aspects. If you have any more specific questions related to his wealth, feel free to ask!

These are just some of the top questions about Kris Humphries. If you have any specific questions or areas you’d like to explore further, feel free to ask!

Kris Humphries Income

Kris Humphries Facts

  • Kris Humphries was born on February 6, 1985, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
  • Kris Humphries’s Height is 6 ft 7 in (2.06 m)
  • Kris Humphries’s Weight is 107 Kg or 235 lbs
  • Profession: American basketball player
  • Kris Humphries’s Annual Income is $3 Million +
  • Kris Humphries’s Net Worth is $40 Million as of 2024


What is the net worth of Kris Humphries?

Kris Humphries's total net worth is around $40 Million.

What is the Salary of Kris Humphries?

Kris Humphries earns an estimated salary of $2 Million per Year.

What is the monthly income of Kris Humphries?

Kris Humphries’s Monthly Salary is $0.2 Million.

How old is Kris Humphries?

Currently, Kris Humphries is 39 years old (February 6, 1985).

What is the Height of Kris Humphries?

The Height of Kris Humphries is 2.06m (6′ 8″).

What is the name of Kris Humphries’ wife?

The name of Kris Humphries’ wife is Kim Kardashian (m. 2011–2013).

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Balance Sheet

Assets:$20 Million +
Gold Reserves:$1,50,000 +
Luxury Cars:3 +
Luxury Watches:4 +
Crypto Investments:$50,000 +
Investment:$8 Million +
Business Income:$20 Million +
Other Income:$15 Million +
Loans & Liabilities:$5 Million +
Annual Expense:$0.3 Million +

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