Knowledge Management System: We all know that the world is moving towards knowledge era. The entire world is today ruled by the organizations which provide innovative results and products. Apple is one of the best examples. Now check more details about “Knowledge Management System” from below.

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Knowledge Management System

We all know that the major reason for the failure of NOKIA was the lack of innovation, knowledge and unwillingness to accept the changes. Google today leads the world because of the information it possesses and the way it works. A shift is being observed today where the management of any organization is more concerned about intangible assets such as knowledge, patents, softwares, etc.

The organization with best competencies will lead the world. The ranking of an organization is determined by the knowledge & information possessed by it. The organization can gain competitive advantage if it has superior knowledge & information. Knowledge can truly be termed as a key element of Rising Economy. Knowledge is an influential factor to continue our operations with ease.

What is Knowledge Management System?


Knowledge management system refers to an information system that can store information and retrieve such information whenever required. Knowledge management is the process of capturing, developing, sharing and effectively using organization knowledge. KMS refers to an approach to achieve organizational objective by making the best use of knowledge. KMS helps in locating the key sources of knowledge.

KMS captures hidden knowledge and uses it as and when required. Today, Knowledge is treated as a part of organization function. The organization knowledge is well reflected in its vision statement, strategy and objectives. Knowledge is Power. The acquisition of knowledge and its management within an organization is very essential for the proper functioning of an organization.

Knowledge & Information are two different things but people generally get confused in it. Information comes first and knowledge is derived from such information. Salman Khan is the lead actor of a movie is information. The movie will be surely a hit is knowledge derived from such information.

Types of Knowledge

There are basically two types of knowledge:

Explicit knowledge:

Explicit knowledge refers to such knowledge which is generally stored in databases of the organization. This data generally comes from operations of the organization, historical records of the organization and the experience of the organization. This knowledge generally is in recorded form therefore it is also known as Recorded knowledge. Such Explicit knowledge can be obtained in the manuals of the organizations or any recorded data published by the organization.

Tacit Knowledge:

Tacit knowledge is the knowledge which is possessed by the individual either by his education, degree, practice, experiences, and hardships or stored in his model base (i.e. Mind). Tacit knowledge is generally available in the form of skills possessed by an individual. Tacit knowledge for an organization is knowledge possessed by its employees, experts, advisors, BOD, etc. This knowledge primarily resides in the mind of the individual. This knowledge can be seen in the form of understanding, belief and values that the individual possess. It is the tacit knowledge that provides the organization a competitive edge.

An organization with such employees may lead the world better. Apple has left everyone behind in the competition only because of tacit knowledge it has. Thus, Apple can be said to have competitive advantage over Motorola, Samsung, Asus, and Micromax etc. It can be rightly said that organization possessing tacit knowledge are the leaders and others are followers.

Thus, Knowledge Management System is a growing tool in many large organizations. It can be used for ensuring progress of organizations.

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