Kevin Abstract Net Worth 2024: Income, Age, Salary, and Cars

American rapper and singer Kevin Abstract Net Worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2024. Check out his Income, Age, Salary, Cars, GF, Home, and Assets.


Kevin Abstract Net Worth
Kevin Abstract Net Worth

American rapper and singer Kevin Abstract Net Worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2024. Kevin, an American rapper and songwriter, is a highly effective figure in the music industry. With years of experience, he has acquired great triumph and gathered considerable fortune through his skill and devotion to his craft.

Through rigorous pursuit of greatness, he has become one of the most moneyed individuals in his occupation. He has also obtained prestigious accolades for his unique skills in the music industry.

Abstract’s influence is international, and he is highly praised in numerous countries. Abstract’s net worth invariably grows each year, showcasing his commitment and hard work in his domain. He is predicted to grow his net worth by 40% in the next 3 years. Must read 50 Cent Net Worth.

Kevin Abstract Net Worth

NameKevin Abstract
ProfessionAmerican rapper, singer, and songwriter
Yearly Income$2,00,000 +
Monthly Income$18,000 +
Net Worth (2024)$2 Million
Record labelsQuestion Everything, Inc., Question Everything/RCA Records, Americano
Years active2009–present
Kevin Abstract Career

Kevin Abstract Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
Kevin Abstract Net Worth in 2024$2.0 Million
Kevin Abstract Net Worth in 2023$1.8 Million
Kevin Abstract Net Worth in 2022$1.6 Million
Kevin Abstract Net Worth in 2021$1.4 Million
Kevin Abstract Net Worth in 2020$1.2 Million
Kevin Abstract Net Worth in 2019$1.1 Million

Kevin Abstract Biography

On July 16, Abstract was born in the lovely city of Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1996. He had a complex family situation and never met his dad. His connection with his mom was distant, and he felt isolated due to his sexuality. This sense of separateness and shame may have led Abstract to run away from his extremely religious Mormon family at an early age.


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Abstract found relief in music production at an early age, honing his skills and analyzing diverse sounds. This inventive outlet became a vital part of who he was. At fifteen years old, he made the bold decision to depart home and seek refuge at a friend’s bungalow.

Abstract fearlessly came out as gay in 2016. His harmony now functions as an outlet for him to say and glorify his identity, using assertive lyrics and heartfelt melodies. Abstract fearlessly embraces his sexuality, bonding with others who may be seeking their own voice.

Kevin, a rapper, has declared that he will rap about his homosexuality as long as there are individuals who want representation and acquaintance. This shows his commitment to using his medium for positive modification.

Abstract’s life is made even more pleased by his relationship with Nick Holiday, a collaborator and stylist from Brockhampton. They have an assertive bond filled with love, support, and artistic pursuits.

Kevin Abstract Biography

Kevin Abstract Career

Kevin, a musician from Brockhampton, had a thriving music career with his debut album MTV1987 and resumed releasing singles and music tapes. In 2016, he entered The Neighbourhood on tour and released his album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story that same year.

Abstract, a constituent of the group Brockhampton, acquired distinction through the Viceland series American Boyband. Their albums were well-received despite delays and allegations against one associate.

Abstract cast his 3rd studio album, Arizona Baby, in three parts from 2018-2019. He has teamed with artists such as $NOT and slowthai, ridiculed new songs, and began a clothing brand called Video Store Apparel (VSA). You may also like Lil Baby Net Worth.


Lastly, Kevin is a thriving American rapper, singer, and composer. His net worth has grown enormously due to his aptitude and originality, which echoes with audiences worldwide. His unique style and thought-provoking vocals have gained him a devoted fanatic base who support him financially and artistically.

Abstract’s entrepreneurial spirit has raised his net worth. He makes music, sells merchandise, and teams with leading brands. His popularity permits him to create profitable collaborations. Besides, his active presence on social media helps him raise his fortune by linking with fanatics through engaging content and online marketing strategies.

Kevin Abstract Facts

  • Kevin Abstract’ Was born on July 16, 1996, in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
  • Kevin Abstract’s Height is 1.73m. (5′ 8″)
  • Kevin Abstract’s Weight is 68 Kg or 150 lbs
  • Profession: American rapper
  • Kevin Abstract’s Annual Income is $18,000 + per month
  • Kevin Abstract’s Net Worth is $2 Million as of 2024


What is the net worth of Kevin Abstract?

Kevin Abstract’s net worth is around $2 Million.

What is the salary of Kevin Abstract?

Kevin Abstract’s salary is around $15,000 per month.

What is the yearly income of Kevin Abstract?

Kevin Abstract’s yearly income is around $2 Million.

What is the age of Kevin?

Kevin is 27 years old. (b. 16 July 1996)

How tall is Abstract?

Abstract is 5’ 10” tall.

What is the eye color of Kevin Abstract?

Kevin Abstract has dark brown colored eyes.

What is the weight of Kevin Abstract?

Kevin Abstract has 68 Kg weight.



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