10 In-Demand Information Technology (IT) Jobs for 2024

Information Technology Jobs: Have an interest in tech and want to know the most in demand IT jobs in 2023? Get all the information here.

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Demand Information Technology
Demand Information Technology

Despite a sudden slowdown during the Coronavirus pandemic, the tech industry is back at it again, hiring candidates more than ever. Technology is improving, as are the demands for positions needed to keep up with the technology. Combine the high demand and the comparatively high entry-level salaries, and you have a great tech job.

If you are thinking of a career change, why not pursue a role that pays well? The best part is that there are several great positions that you can find within the IT industry. Be it a fast-paced startup, an innovative tech company, or a small IT department; you have a high chance of landing a job. Therefore, this article looks at the ten most in demand IT jobs that are popular in 2023.

Top 10 In-Demand IT Jobs

Before we start listing the top 10 IT jobs in demand that you should consider, you should know that many jobs are available in technology. As a result, there are different categories within the IT industry. Broadly speaking, the different categories are management, analytics, software development, network administration, and data science. Each of these categories has its own perks and specifics, but some are warmer than others, meaning they have a better outlook.

Lastly, data science and analytics are just a little behind too. Analysts review design components and determine infrastructure changes that can streamline IT operations. Similarly, data science is another important category within the IT industry, which is responsible for collecting, organizing, and displaying or presenting data.


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Since these categories are so much in demand right now and employers around the world are on the hunt for candidates who have the necessary skills and know the relevant technologies for these positions, candidates are also rounding up and learning new skills to stay on top of their game.

Below, you can take a look at the most popular technologies of developers in 2022, according to the StackOverflow 2022 survey.

Top 10 In-Demand IT Jobs

Moreover, these IT jobs and categories are also preferred by candidates due to the high entry-level and annual median salaries. Below is the chart that ranks IT jobs by their annual median salary, per the StackOverflow 2022 survey.

IT Jobs

Lastly, one of the biggest reasons IT is becoming such a sought-after industry and so many professionals are so eager to work in it is because IT incorporates several other corresponding industries. Technology is now needed at every phase of life, and no industry can function without it. With such a high usage rate, professionals are open to applying their knowledge in any industry they like, such as healthcare, entertainment, and education.

Below, you can see which industries are the most involved IT specialists, according to the GitHub 2022 study.

Github it jobs report

Now that we have discussed the broad categories under the IT industry, let us break down the highest paying IT jobs in 2023.

1. Project Manager

  • Category: Management
  • Salary: $94,500

As the name suggests, project managers are professionals responsible for overseeing a software project from the beginning to the end. They monitor the task flow and ensure that people are on track and keeping up with the project. Project managers consider the organization’s technology needs and manage company programs, along with every other aspect of a project.

Surprisingly, project management is one of the most up-and-coming jobs in tech. Due to the many tasks that IT professionals have to deal with, it makes sense that the need for someone who can micromanage those tasks is increasing. Companies are becoming increasingly agile, thus the need for such professionals. In fact, according to SignalHire’s study of the ten most in demand USA jobs, project management is the first in the top of IT jobs, along with the survey of all the professions in the USA.

Not only that, but project management is also in first place in as many as four states, according to SignalHire’s study of the most common job in every state.

2. Software Engineer

  • Category: Software Development
  • Salary: $120,730

Software development is among the highest paying tech jobs, and software engineers are highly demanded. They are responsible for building software programs, operating systems, applications, and networks. These professionals build programs using coding and take note of user requirements to build relevant solutions.

Software engineering is expected to rise 25% in the next ten years, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These professionals can work both in front-end and back-end jobs. Most importantly, apart from coding knowledge, these professionals also need to have critical thinking as well as strong communication skills.

3. Analyst

  • Category: Analyst
  • Salary: $102,600

Analyst is a broad term that can be used for various professions in the IT industry. However, generally speaking, these professionals are the multitaskers of the IT industry since they are responsible for understanding computer hardware, software, and networks and how they all work together

Analysts can be of different types, including computer systems analysts, business analysts, data analysts, and programmer analysts. However, the overall task of such professionals is to make software systems that deal with a specific problem, help companies optimize their processes, and reduce costs. They provide insights for a company by collecting data from various sources. An analyst certainly pays well since they have to undertake several aspects of a business.

4. IT Manager

  • Category: Management
  • Salary: $138,491

Put, IT managers are professionals who overlook the technology needs of an IT company. They collaborate with executives, as well as upper management, regarding technology matters like purchasing decisions, managing software, hardware upgrades, managing vendor relationships, and overall IT tasks.

This position is highly demanded since there is a need for IT managers in pretty much all kinds of industries. Digital transformations are increasing across industries, and as a result, professionals managing a company’s technology needs are rising in demand. Industries that deal with confidential and sensitive data, like retail, demand IT managers who can help with cybersecurity and other factors.

5. Business Analyst

  • Category: Analyst
  • Salary: $45,200 to $164,000

Business analysts are sought-after professionals in general. However, IT business analysts are particularly in demand due to the intricate and specialized skills needed. These employees are responsible for the quality of IT products and services. Moreover, they also analyze data to inform company decisions effectively. However, most importantly, business analysts are responsible for finding technical solutions for business needs.

A good business analyst should have excellent interpersonal skills since they must bridge executive and IT branches. They must also comprehend strategic company needs and use IT data to give business insights.

6. Data Analyst

  • Category: Analyst
  • Salary: $82,326

Data analysts are professionals responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data with the help of advanced analytics technologies. They use technologies like machine learning, predictive modeling, and artificial intelligence. Apart from basic technical knowledge and math skills, data analysts also need to possess critical thinking skills to interpret data properly.

Data analysts help companies understand customer behaviors, market trends, and other specifics so that companies can make informed decisions regarding their business strategies.

7. Java Developer

  • Category: Software Development
  • Salary: $71,000

Java is easily one of the most important programming languages worldwide, and as a result, employers highly covet Java developers. This language is used in both front-end as well as back-end software, and not to mention that JavaScript is used in many web pages and applications. Due to the massive application of this programming language, the demand for developers is also high.

Apart from knowing the ins and outs of the JavaScript language, a developer must also know the libraries and frameworks of the programming language. Although Java developers are highly demanded, there are not many candidates, so the demand is also stronger.


8. Product Manager

  • Category: Management
  • Salary: $149,305

Like a project manager, a product manager is yet another coveted IT management job to keep an IT team in check. These professionals look after the technical team and identify the parameters of a product. After that, a product manager guides the team from the initial to final stages when the product is ultimately launched.

Product managers make operating plans to achieve tactical and strategic objectives, build product portfolios and manage marketing campaigns. Overall, they monitor everything related to the product strategy. Product managers must have great time management skills to finish the products within the limited time frame. The biggest reason why this position is so coveted is that the demand for IT products is increasing, and consequently, employees who can manage a product’s life cycle are needed.

9. DevOps

  • Category: Network Administration
  • Salary: $98,913

DevOps are professionals who take care of the operational aspect of the business. These professionals build programs and check code releases, ensuring everything works smoothly. Apart from technical knowledge, a DevOps engineer must also possess soft skills to communicate effectively with the team members.

DevOps engineers are in high demand because these professionals are difficult to find. They possess a unique set of skills, making them so coveted.

10. Data Engineer

  • Category: Data Science
  • Salary: $77,400 to $103,300

Professionals who can deal with data and numbers are always in demand; consequently, data engineering is yet another position slowly becoming quite popular. A data engineer looks after data collection, organization, and delivery. While data analysts mostly help companies to make better business decisions, data engineers work on the sidelines ensuring the steady flow of data.

If you enter the world of data science, you can rest easy knowing that the demand for these positions will continue to grow in the coming few years.

Final Thoughts

The labor market is constantly evolving. What might be certain today may not be so tomorrow. This was all about the best IT jobs. And, if you are thinking of making a career shift, you must also prepare yourself accordingly and keep track of common IT-related interview questions.

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