How to Prepare for JEECUP 2022, Check Preparation Tips & Tricks. JEECUP Preparation Tips 2022 helps students to achieve a good rank in the examination. Joint Entrance Examination Council Uttar Pradesh (JEECUP) is the gateway for admission in the diploma courses offered by the private and government polytechnic colleges of Uttar Pradesh. JEECUP 2022 (UP Polytechnic) is one of the competitive examinations that require more attention and preparation to crack the exam. Some easy tricks and tips are provided here that helps the candidate to qualify for the UPJEE examination with good marks. Follow this article that tells you about How to prepare for JEECUP 2022.

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Analysis of Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Complete information about the syllabus and exam pattern is mandatory before starting to prepare for the JEECUP exam 2022 (Official website). Deeply analyze the syllabus of all the subjects that will come in the examination. Don’t skip or left any topic or chapter as it may result in the reduction of marks. JEECUP examination covers the physics, chemistry and mathematics sections so prepare it according to the syllabus.

Time Management

Time Management plays a key role in the scoring of good marks. Proper time management is not only required to prepare for JEECUP, i.e before the examination, but it is also important to schedule your time smartly at the time of the conduct of the exam. If you know all the answers to the questions asked in the examination, but due to the shortage of time you are unable to attend the whole examination then it is of no use. So, firstly attempt that section or question which you know most.

Prepare for JEECUP -Preparation Books

Refer to correct books that cover the entire syllabus. Look for a book that contains the previous year questions as well as other solved and unsolved questions for practice purposes. At CAknowledge, we have gathered some JEECUP books along with the previous year question paper that provides you with sufficient study material with the latest syllabus for better preparation.


Try to follow a well-structured timetable that will definitely increase the chances of scoring good marks. When students create a proper timetable, it brings more clarity and focus towards their study and helps to prepare for JEECUP much better. Study hours must be divided in such a way that every subject will get equal attention.


Avoid Stress and Be Self-Confident

Students start taking pressure as the examination come closer is not good while preparing for JEECUP. Don’t take stress as it may leave a bad impact on your health that result in sickness. Take a complete diet equipped with fruits, nuts, green vegetables, etc. The intake of enough glasses of water is also very important. Prefer yoga and meditation for keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Importance of Revision

Without revision, all the preparation will remain a waste. Revision of every chapter to prepare for JEECUP and topic is very important during the examination. Also, add revision in your timetable and before going for the examination must revise all the important topics, it will help you to memorize the things.

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