10 email signature generators for Gmail: In today’s digital era, email remains one of the main communication channels uniting people worldwide. Furthermore, businesses use email as the primary communication medium for cooperation and networking. 

Emails are straightforward to use, and thanks to email clients like Gmail, they are available almost everywhere and at any time. Thus, an email signature has become a modern digital business card that stamps your brand identity and introduces your personality to the communication.

Undoubtedly you have already seen dozens of professional email signatures, wondering if you could make one for yourself or your company. Indeed, there is nothing easier than that. Anyone who has chosen one of the email signature software pieces mentioned below could create a great email signature only in a few clicks.

What makes a great email signature?

A lot of people treat their email signatures as an afterthought and underestimate their power. However, an average office worker sends 40 emails per day. Thus, you have 40 chances to market your business and make your company noticeable via a great email signature. 


So what should go in a quality email signature to make it work? Much of the components depend on your personal preferences, your company culture, and industry:

  • First name and last name
  • Job title and company information
  • Contact details 
  • Photo or a company logo
  • Appealing design in corresponding brand colors
  • Social profile icons with relevant links 
  • Call to action
  • Industry disclaimer or legal requirements
  • Pronouns. 

The most important thing about an actionable email signature is making sure it looks and works as good as you think by proper testing. Furthermore, the very process of email signature creation means much for its correct functioning and ease of use. 

Why should you use a generator to create an email signature?

An email signature generator is the best tool to create a distinctive and functional email signature without any coding skills. Undoubtedly, utilizing an email signature generator saves a great deal of time and effort. However, there are some other essential benefits and even some exclusive features.

A functional email signature generator provides the opportunities to:

  • use premade templates 
  • customize fonts, colors, and design
  • drive conversions and generate more leads
  • manage corporate signatures for various teams in one place
  • easily copy and install the emails signatures to different email clients 
  • assure proper signature reflection and functioning on devices using Gmail. 

A well-crafted and well-designed email signature can reflect your professionalism and build trust in your brand among your clients and business partners. Luckily there is a wide variety of decent email signature generators to satisfy any taste and wallet. 

Gmail email signature generators reviews

Many users across the countries turn to email signature generators for well-designed and professionally looking signatures. Below is the list of the best email signature generators available at reasonable prices or no cost for dedicated Gmail users. 


This enterprise-ready solution offers signature management and provides additional marketing features such as banner campaigns. Besides, the tool allows you to have linked social media icons and applications in your email signature.

Newoldstamp perfectly integrates with Gmail adding the valuable features of templates development, central control, streamlined delivery, auto-update, and built-in analytics.



MySignature tool allows you to create, customize, or even draw signature to a significantly more in-depth level. The diverse options make it perfect for creative freelancers and small business owners to expose their brand identity. 

All the available templates are mobile-friendly and work perfectly well with Gmail. The essential advantage of the tool is that it may be used on the go so that you can create or edit or your signature any time right from your device. 



WiseStamp is another well-recognized email-signature generator. The features of this tool are split into plans, one of which is entirely free, which makes it perfect for solopreneurs through enterprise organizations.

WiseStamp creators prepared over 50 ready-made templates fitting almost any user and functioning well with Gmail email client. 


This emails signature generator is famous for its intuitive design and ease of use. The tool is straightforward to get on with it, making it perfect for newbies and those who feel somewhat uncertain about their IT skills.

All you do is select a template, fill in the company details, add some style and finish off by uploading your display photo or company logo.


Rocketseed email signature generator allows creating and managing corporate and personal email signatures at scale. This tool’s key feature is adding banners, tracking their results, and checking CTRs.

Besides, Rocketseed is compatible with Gmail, simple to deploy, 100% secure, and displayed on every device, including mobile.


This dynamic web application helps to create functional and professional email signatures free of charge. Besides, Exclaimer offers an extensive library of signature templates created by signature design experts.

Email signature management gets much easier for big corporations and institutions with a range of email signature management solutions, Exclaimer offers. 



Gimm.io (formerly known as ZippySig) is an email signature generator offering many advanced customization and styling options appealing to small businesses like creative studios and design agencies. 

The tool offers over 40 advanced ready-to-use templates, along with over 40 fonts, thousands of social media stickers, and icon combinations to the choice of its users completely free of charge. 

Email Signature Rescue

Email Signature Rescue is one of the most potent email signature generators offering over 60 customizable templates, tracking integration with Google Analytics, and the ability to add animated Gifs and banners.

This tool works well with more than 60 email clients, includes 120,000+ social media icons, and provides an instant support option. 


Opensense offers email signature creation and management via a streamlined, simple platform that ensures every email carries your latest branding. Furthermore, with Opensense’s signature block technology, you can manage every employee’s email signatures on a Gmail client in seconds.

This tool suits various businesses, promising to add value to any brand via every email communication instance. 


The HoneyBook is a 100% email signature generator. You can either use it to create an email signature from scratch or choose a template from a vast collection. The tools` creators promise an opportunity to design an email signature only in 30 seconds.

By merely filling the information into two simple forms and choosing one of the available templates, you get a professional email signature ready to be integrated with your Gmail.

design email signature


The truth is that the power of email signatures is underestimated. Therefore, many companies still miss the chance to use it for the benefit of the business. Some of them lack the understanding of this communication channel value, while others hesitate because the email signature creation process seems technically complicated.

Using an email signature generator is the simplest, cheap, and convenient way to create and manage an email signature for your brand. The generators mentioned above can spare you additional effort and worries and, at the same time, provide new options for your business. 

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