As of 2024, American football quarterback, Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s Net Worth is estimated to be $7 Million. Dorian is a football performer who competes for the Cleveland Browns in the NFL. He formerly competed in university football at UCLA and was identified as an all-conference preference twice. The Browns picked him in the 5th match of the 2023 NFL Draft. Check out his Earnings, Cars, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, and Income Source details here. 

Thompson-Robinson’s journey to financial success accelerated when he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL Draft. His commitment to the team came with a four-year contract worth $4.18 million, which included a generous signing bonus of $342,268. His primary role is expected to include fierce competition for the backup quarterback position while backing up Deshaun Watson.

In addition to his NFL earnings, Dorian Thompson-Robinson further strengthens his financial portfolio through endorsements and brand partnerships. He boasts of lucrative deals with prestigious companies including sports giants like Nike and Gatorade. Additionally, his extensive social media presence, including over 100,000 followers on Instagram, adds to his revenue sources.

Despite his youth, Thompson-Robinson is poised for a promising financial future. With the potential to develop as a starting quarterback in the NFL, his net worth has the potential to reach millions of dollars, making him a leader in the field of professional sports property. Must Check Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson Net Worth

NameDorian Thompson-Robinson
ProfessionAmerican Football Quarterback
Current TeamCleveland Browns (#17 / Quarterback)
4-year Contract$4,182,272
Yearly Income$0.5 Million +
Monthly Income$40,000 +
Birth PlaceColumbia, South Carolina, United States
Net Worth (2024)$7 Million
Dorian Thompson-Robinson Income

Dorian Thompson-Robinson Current Contract

4 yr(s) / $4,182,272
2027 / UFA
YearAgeBase salarySigningCap hitDead capYearly cash
202627$1,145,000 –$1,230,568$85,568$1,145,000

Dorian Thompson-Robinson Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
Dorian Thompson-Robinson Net Worth in 2024$7.0 Million
Dorian Thompson-Robinson Net Worth in 2023$6.5 Million
Dorian Thompson-Robinson Net Worth in 2022$6.0 Million
Dorian Thompson-Robinson Net Worth in 2021$5.5 Million
Dorian Thompson-Robinson Net Worth in 2020$5.0 Million
Dorian Thompson-Robinson Net Worth in 2019$4.5 Million

Football-Related Income:

  • Salary: As a rookie quarterback in the NFL, Thompson-Robinson’s current base salary for the 2023-2024 season is estimated to be around $418,000. This figure can increase based on performance and incentives.
  • Signing Bonus: As part of his four-year rookie contract with the Browns, Thompson-Robinson received a guaranteed signing bonus of $1,538,272.
  • Endorsements: While still building his brand, Thompson-Robinson has secured some endorsement deals with brands like Nike and Gatorade, potentially adding to his income.
  • Performance Bonuses: Depending on his performance throughout the season, Thompson-Robinson could earn additional bonuses based on pre-determined metrics like yardage, touchdowns, and win-loss records.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Dorian Thompson-Robinson?


Dorian Thompson-Robinson Net Worth is $7 Million as of 2024.

How much does Dorian Thompson-Robinson make annually?

Dorian Thompson-Robinson earns an estimated salary of $4,00,000 + Per Year.

What is the monthly salary of Dorian Thompson-Robinson?

Dorian Thompson-Robinson monthly is $40,000.

What is the age of Dorian Thompson-Robinson?

Dorian Thompson-Robinson is 24 years old.


Dorian Thompson-Robinson Balance Sheet

Assets:$40,000 +
Gold Reserves:$30,000 +
Luxury Cars:1 +
Luxury Watches:10 +
Stock Portfolio:$500,000
Luxury Yachts:1 +
Crypto Investments:$20,000 +
Royalty Income:$4 Million +
Business Income:$40,000 +
Loans & Liabilities:$1 Million +
Annual Expense:$70,000 +
Taxes Paid:$20,000 +

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