Every nation desires that it should be counted as a Developed Nation, however, there is a long list of nations which are in the category of Developing Nations. Even ours is one of them. We, the citizens of India, definitely want that our Country should be counted in the Developed Nations and for this we all need to work towards the overall progress of our country. In order to accomplish these goals, the most essential thing is the knowledge of differences between the Developed & Developing Countries.

Difference between Developed & Developing Countries

So, first we should have a look on the definitions of Developed and Developing Countries:

Developed Countries: A country having a high rate of Industrial Growth & high individual income (or say per capita income) is known as a Developed Country. They are considered to be highly developed in the terms of economic growth. As the description says, these countries are also known as the Advanced Countries. There are a lot of criteria which are to be considered while assigning these credits to the countries.

Some of these criteria are Standard of Living, Status of women in the country, literacy rate, Child Welfare Rate, Availability of high quality HealthCare facilities, Advanced Housing Facilities, Excellent Infrastructures, Excellent Transport & Communication Facilities, Greater Life Expectancy, while GDP and per capita income are the most important criteria.

A few examples of Developed Countries are United States, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, etc.

Developing Countries: The countries which have a lower Human Development Index (HDI) are called Developing Countries. These countries do not shower growth and development in almost all the criteria mentioned for the Developed Countries. They are not highly developed in terms of economic growth.


They do not have high standard lifestyle of the people there, not a very high literacy rate, non availability of high quality Healthcare facilities, Housing facilities are not very advanced, they do not have Excellent Infrastructures, excellent transport & communication facilities are not there, higher life expectancy is not there and GDP and per capita income is not very high.

A few examples of developing countries are India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Kenya, etc.

The key differences between Developed & Developing Countries can be understood with the help of the following table:

ParticularsDeveloped CountriesDeveloping Countries
Standard of LivingHighMedium
Industrial GrowthHigh Industrial GrowthModerate Growth and they depend on Developed Countries for their growth.
Literacy RateHighMedium
Education, Healthcare & Infrastructural FacilitiesAdvanced FacilitiesModerate
Distribution of IncomeAlmost EqualHighly Unequal
Unemployment & PovertyVery low level of Poverty & UnemploymentHigh level of Unemployment & Poverty
In GeneralThe countries which are independent & prosperous are called Developed Countries.The countries which are not yet independent and prosperous are called Developing Countries.
SectorGenerally, these countries generate most of their revenue from the Industrial Sector.Generally, these countries generate most of their revenue from the Service Sector.
Birth & Death RatesThey are low in these countries.Both the rates are high in the Developing Countries.

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