ICSI modifies various training structure with effect from 3 February, 2020. Accordingly, all CS students registering in CS Executive on or after 03/02/2020 shall follow the revised training structure.

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CS Modified Training Structure, Fees, Procedure Guide

CS New Modified Training Structure 2020

Introduction of Practical & Skill Based Training:

The new training structure for students, comprises of 24 months training which shall provide them with a platform to develop their core competencies and harness their soft skills including managerial and leadership capabilities.

CS Executive passed students are required to undergo:

  • One month Executive Development Programme (EDP) which will equip them with necessary soft and IT skills.
  • 21 month practical training, with Industry/ Practicing Company Secretary.

Thus, if you clear your CS Executive exams in Dec 2019 and onwards then you have to complete 1 year 9 months Articleship under practicing CS and 1 month EDP for IT skills development.


Corporate Leadership Development Program (CLDP) is the last stage of training for students who have passed the Professional Programme and have completed the practical training, which is a residential programme for a period of one to two months and will further enhance their communication, legal, managerial and IT skills required for Company Secretary Profession.

Earlier training structure includes Computer Training, Student Induction Programme (SIP), Executive Development Programme (EDP), 15 months long term internship with specified entities after passing Executive Programme, Professional Development Programme (PDP) and 15 days Management Skills Orientation Programme.

Official Resume format for CS Training 2020

CS Old Training Structure 2019

In view of the same, following is the status of applicability of various trainings to the students :

Type of TrainingType of TrainingModified Training Structure (Applicable to students registered in CS Executive Programme on or after 01.04.14 )
Computer TrainingSeventy HoursNot Applicable
Student Induction Programme (SIP)Seven days (to be undergone after taking registration in Executive Programme )Not Applicable
Executive Development Programme (EDP) Eight days (to be undergone after passing examinations of Executive Programme ) Not Applicable
 Long term internship with specified entities –Three years on registration to Executive Programme Or Two years after passing the Executive Programme Or One Year after passing the Professional Programme
 Professional Development Programme (PDP)Twenty five hoursNot Applicable
Training with specialized agency Fifteen days (to be undergone after passing examination of Professional ProgrammeNot Applicable
Management Skills Orientation Programme (MSOP) Fifteen days Applicable

In view of the above, it is clarified that :

i) SIP is no more applicable to any CS students (whether registered in Executive Programme on or before 31.03.14 / or registered in Executive Programme on or after 01.04.14). Regional Councils / Chapters may continue conducting batches of SIP till clearance of pending waiting list of students who have already deposited the fees for SIP, purely on voluntary basis with an option to such students to take refund of the fees paid by them for SIP.

Duration of training under modified training structure

  • Three years on registration to Executive Programme; or
  • Two years after passing the Executive Programme; or
  • One year after passing the Professional Programme

Leave allowed during training period

Maximum number of leaves to be allowed to the students undergoing training under the earlier training structure and modified training structure: –

CS Training Leave allowed during training period

It is further clarified that: –

i) One casual leave can be availed for each month of training undergone.

ii) Any un-used casual leaves shall be lapsed at the end of training period.

iii) Leaves applicable for study & examinations are to be granted for appearing in CS examinations only.

iv) If any student is doing some part of training at one organization and remaining part of training at another organization, then leaves shall be calculated on pro-rata basis.

v) If at any stage any student has passed examinations of all modules of Professional Programme, then from the date of declaration of result of his/her professional programme examination he /she shall be no more eligible for leave allocated for study & examinations. He /she shall only be eligible to avail the casuals leave on prorata basis for his/her remaining period of training.

vi) If any student takes leaves during training period more than his/her entitlements, his/her training period shall get extended for the number of days he/she has exceeded the limit.

vii) Sunday and holidays falling in between the continuous period of leave availed for the purpose of study & examinations shall be counted for the number of days of leaves availed. Whereas if availing casual leaves, Sunday and holidays falling in between shall not be counted.

viii) A student undergoing 15 months or 3 years or 2 years training, after passing Professional Programme examination in between the training period shall be eligible to avail casual leave @ 1 day per month only for the remaining period of training.

Stipend payable to students:

The minimum amount of stipend payable to the students is as follows: –

CS Stipend payable to students

It is clarified that if any student is already undergoing training for 15 months / 3 years / 2 years and during the period of training at any time he/she passes examination of Executive Programme or Professional Programme, then his/her minimum amount of stipend for remaining period of training shall be in accordance to the above table as applicable to the higher stage.

Quarterly Report & Project Report

The number of quarterly reports to be submitted with the Institute under the earlier training structure & modified training structure shall be as under:

3 years training12 Quarterly Reports
2 years training08 Quarterly Reports
1 years training04 Quarterly Reports
15 months training05 Quarterly Reports

It is also clarified that each student undergoing training (whether for 15 months / 1 year / 2 years / 3 years) shall be required to submit a project report to the Institute at the end of his tenure of the training on any subject/topic assigned by his/her trainer.

CS Training Fees Structure

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