Exam Preparation tips for CPT, IPCC, CA Final, How to Study in Examination Days. After providing best tips for pre examination preparation, now we are providing complete details for  CPT, IPCC, CA Final – How to Study in Examination Days. In this article you can find best tips for How to Study in Examination Days like – Focus on the exam and not the result, Read and understand the question correctly, Balance between writing and recalling the memory, Presentation, Wear Cool and Comfortable clothes, Start early, to allow for traffic disruptions.

CPT, IPCC, CA Final Study Plan

Diligence and Persistence:

The days of actual exams are the most significant in the sense that your pre exam diligence and persistence has now reached its culmination. You need to remove all past cobwebs from your mind and wholeheartedly throw yourself in the pursuit of excellence.

Few steps to keep in mind during exam days:

Focus on the exam and not the result:

During this time concentrate only on giving your best to writing the exam and do not think about the outcome. If you do your job well, things will fall into place and success shall inevitably follow.

Read and understand the question correctly:

It is a general tendency to read the question paper at a glance, no doubt lot of time cannot be spent on reading the question paper; however it is important to understand the nuances of each question very well before start answering. Therefore it may be wise enough to go through the question paper quickly yet grasping the technicalities of each question. Also the instructions should be read very carefully. At times questions are tricky and framed in a complicated way, so take a moment and reflect, before you start answering. Overconfidence will take you nowhere.

Balance between writing and recalling the memory:

Your preparation should be such that your mind and your writing are aligned and in perfect tandem so that there is no leakage of time and content. Recall before answering, estimate the time required to write, strategize, reframe the details of the answer to fit the time frame and then start writing.

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Along with ensuring the correctness and appropriateness of the content, emphasis should also be laid on the presentation. Clear and legible handwriting gives the right visual effect. Study Material, Revision Papers and Suggested Answers published by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India serve as the most valuable guide to the best presentation of the answers. The format of answers as prescribed in these materials should be adhered to the maximum extent possible.

Wear Cool and Comfortable clothes:

While in examination hall, your attire should be cool and comfortable, preferably, light colored cotton clothes allowing you to breathe easy and giving you freedom of movement.

Carry a water bottle and wet wipes. It is important to maintain proper hydration as dehydration saps the energy levels.

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Start early, to allow for traffic disruptions:

You may visit the centre earlier to mark the exact location so that you do not spend time trying to locate the centre on the day of the exam.

Caution! – Most of the times external forces make us believe that we are unworthy. We adopt this belief based on estimation of others rather than a fair judgment of our own capabilities. We then conclude that we are no good. The greatest loss or failure is not when others put you down; it is when you put down yourself. So do not become victim of judgment of others instead be victorious through meticulous planning and execution.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill


The above mentioned guidelines are just prudent suggestions and not an exhaustive list of measures to be taken. A professional exam should be treated like one and utmost care should be taken to follow the guidelines set by the institute.

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On the day of the result, you are either declared successful or unsuccessful. Please remember that it is not the day of the result which brings you success, it is the whole process of preparation and writing the exams that brings the success. Day of the result is just a day of declaration, it is not the day of decision. Decision of success is a process that starts with the preparation for the exams, actual performance during the exams and the attitude towards the entire process.

It is well said that to achieve success become SMART – Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound

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