CA IPCC Law Study Tips and Examination Writing Techniques. Check Study Plan For CA IPCC Law. Since the level of knowledge required for the subject is ‘working knowledge’ and the objective is to gain knowledge of those branches of laws relating to business transactions, certain corporate bodies and related matters and their application to practical commercial situations, students need to prepare on these lines. For this, they have to focus their study based on the major legal provisions, case laws, if any, and understand their practical implications. Besides, students should also give importance to the terms/definitions for proper conceptualisation of the answers. Now you can scroll down below n check more details regarding “CA IPCC Law Study Tips and Examination Writing Techniques”

As stated earlier, students should also go through the Bare Acts to get a better understanding of the provisions contained in various statutes.

CA IPCC Law Study Tips

A comprehensive study of the subject can be done by keeping the following points in the mind:

  • Make a study plan covering the entire syllabus and then decide how much time you can allocate to the subject on daily/weekly basis.
  • Maintain the time balance amongst various subjects such as purely descriptive type and numerical-based papers.
  • First of all, have an overview of the chapter to understand the broad contents and sequence of various sub-topics.
  • Do the introspection while going through the chapter and ask various questions to yourself.
  • Read each chapter slowly to ensure that you understand and assimilate the main concept. If need be, read once again with concentration and then try to attempt exercise at the end of the chapter or given in the Practice Manual.
  • Recapitulate the main concept after going through each chapter by way of brief notes.
  • Always assess your preparation periodically, say, on monthly basis. If necessary, revise your plan and allocate more time for the subject in which you feel deficient.
  • Read, understand and assimilate each chapter.
  • Always try to attempt the past year examination question paper/ Mock Test Papers under examination conditions.
  • Revision of material should never be selective in any case. Because broad coverage of the syllabus is more important than preparing 2-3 chapters exhaustively.

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Examination Techniques

  • Plan your time so that equal time is awarded for each mark. Keep sometime for revision as well.
  • Always attempt to do all questions. Remember that six average answers fetch more marks than five best answers. Therefore, it is important that you must finish each question within allocated time.
  • Read the question carefully more than once before starting the answer to understand very clearly as to what is required by the paper-setter.
  • Always be concise and write to the point and do not try to fill pages unnecessarily.
  • There must be logical expression of the answer.
  • Answer the problem oriented questions by explaining the relevant /applicable provisions of the relevant enactments followed by answers thereof.
  • In case a question is not clear, you may state your assumptions and then answer the question.
  • While writing answers in respect of essay-type questions, try to make sub-readings so that it catches the examiner’s eye.
  • Revise your answers carefully underline important points before leaving the examination hall.

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