Corporate Landscape in India – Complete Details, How many companies there are at present in India ??, Corporate Landscape of India. My this article says about the number of companies at present in India and there corporate landscape in India and the active number and the closed numbers of companies in India and the relevance of the companies. Number of companies says about the business that a company should make its plant established or create a new plant for the competition to be low and also the subsidies which are available to the states which have low number of companies due to which the the state government promotes the companies which establish some business in there state.

Corporate Landscape in India:

Corporate Landscape in India

At the end of June 2015, there were on an around 14 Lakh companies registered with ROC, including active and dormant companies. From them, around 10.50 lakh companies are active in India which means they are filing their returns from last 3 years and the remaining are the dormant companies which are not filing their returns from last 3 years. At the end of May 2013, there were on an average 13.21 Lakh companies, out of which 2.4 lakh companies are closed, 8.77 lakh companies are active and others are dormant companies. This statistics say that from May,2013 to June,2015, number of companies which ahev been increased is 1.35 Lakh, which says about the great scope in India.

Now the question comes that why the statistics are important to be known. The answer to it is that it is very important for any CA or CS to know that where there is scope and where there is not. This statistics note the commercial activity going in the country within various geographies in India.

Now, we would be seeing the number of companies in India on geographical basis:


The highest number of companies in India are in Maharashtra, then comes the Delhi and then comes the West Bengal. These states nearly contribute 54% of all the active companies in India. While the north eastern states like Jammu, Kashmir are having the lowest number of companies, which constitute only 0.6% of the active companies in India.

The percentage breakup of the companies active in India is as follows:

Percentage breakup of the companies active in India

This chart is prepared for making the analysis of the same and the analysis of the sales effort of the same. The analysis made from the above chart is as follows that the 8 states of the total states in India, constitutes about 84% of the total active companies of India.

The Top 10 Richest Companies of India:

1. Reliance Industries
3. State Bank of India
4. Indian Oil
5. National thermal power
6. ICICI Bank
7. Steel Authority of India
8. Tata Steel
9. Tata Consultancy Services
10.Tata motors

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