Blue Ivy Carter Net Worth is estiamted to be $80 million. As Blue Ivy Carter is not an adult, most of her assets and finances are kept under a trust. As soon as Blue Ivy Carter was born, her parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z, created a trust through which all of their daughter’s financial transactions will go through. As per the Trust Documents, All the wealth in this trust will be transferred to Blue Ivy Carter as soon as she turns 24 years old.

Blue Ivy Carter Net Worth

Net Worth$80 Million
Trust Assets$50 Million
Trust Investments$20 Million
Monthly Expenditure$2 Million
Annual Income$18 Million

Blue Ivy Carter’s Income

Through her huge social media presence, Blue Ivy Carter has undertaken sponsor promotional activities through Blue Ivy Carter’s name. Blue Ivy Carter earns up to $60,000 for each sponsorship post made on her Instagram and other social media accounts. In the previous 18 months, Blue Ivy Carter earned over $5 Million through promoting sponsorship posts.

Blue Ivy Carter’s Assets

The trust fund of Blue Ivy Carter consists of over 8 real estate properties under her name, $1 Million worth of Bitcoins, 2 Luxury Yachts. Blue Ivy Carter’s net worth also includes over $4 Million Cash fund that her parents have kept securely under her name in a bank deposit.


The money in Blue Ivy Carter’s trust account will not be kept unutilized. It will be taken care of by a wealth management company through investments. Blue Ivy Carter’s money is invested in Government Bonds and Stock Markets. An estimated $4 Million Dollars are kept in bonds and $2 Million were invested in stock markets.

Blue Ivy Carter’s Favorites

Favorite FoodIce Cream
Favorite Shoeadidas Stan Smith Sneaker
Favorite CartoonStar Wars: Rebels
Toy HouseHape Wooden Dollhouse
Favorite ActorTom Holland
Favorite ChocolateLindt & Sprungli
Favorite Play ToyBuilding Blocks
Favorite HolidayFinland
Sleep Book365 Bedtime Stories
Blue Ivy Carter Net Worth Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blue Ivy Carter’s real name?

Blue Ivy Carter.

What is Blue Ivy Carter known for?

Blue Ivy Carter is an American singer.


How old is Blue Ivy Carter now?

10 years, January 7, 2012.

How is Blue Ivy Carter so rich?

Blue Ivy Carter is an American singer. Her songs are streamed through Spotify and other streaming sources, through that she earns her money.

Where is Blue Ivy Carter from?

New York City, U.S.

What school does Blue Ivy Carter go to?

The Center for Early Education.

Who are Blue Ivy Carter’s parents?

Beyoncé, Jay-Z.

Blue Ivy Carter Bio

Blue Ivy Carter became famous right from the moment her mother, Beyoncé, announced her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.The photos of Blue Ivy Carter published by her parents on February 10, 2012, on their Tumblr account took the media by storm.

After her birth, Blue Ivy Carter’s unusual name spread wide speculations about its origin. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are said to have trademarked Blue Ivy’s name. Blue Ivy Carter has featured in Jay-Z’s music video for his hit single ‘Glory’ which was released two days after she was born, and is the youngest person to ever have been featured on Billboard.

Blue Ivy Carter was born on January 7, 2012 in New York to mega-star parents, Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Blue Ivy’s aunt Solange Knowles is a renowned singer, while Bianca Lawson, her other aunt, is a television actor.

Blue Ivy’s close resemblance to Beyoncé has prompted several comparisons between mother and daughter. Her innocence and exuberance amidst all the media attention are what makes Blue Ivy so special!


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