Advantages of paid VPN over the free one – In Detailed

Advantages of paid VPN: Using a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) comes with a lot of benefits. We all love to surf the internet while enjoying our privacy.

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Advantages of paid VPN

Using a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) comes with a lot of benefits. We all love to surf the internet while enjoying our privacy. That’s not all, security is important – that is, the protection of your personal information as well as other key data. You will get this from a good VPN service. But which VPN is better, the paid version or the free version?

A paid VPN has more advantages than the free one. No one will expect a full package of perfection when a free product is being offered. Good things don’t often come free. The same goes for VPNs. When you use a free VPN, there are few limitations, some are very annoying.

You are about to discover why a paid VPN has more advantages than using a free version. Keep reading!

Advantages of a Paid VPN over The Free One

Below are few reasons why you would like to consider using a paid VPN service:

More Access to Server Locations


Expect to get unlimited access to lots of server networks. You can’t get the full server location when you use a free VPN. To check “my ip location” is a good know if the paid VPN is good. With a paid VPN, all geo-restricted websites and services are opened. When you have access to more servers, the speed of your connection increases. It’s also easier for you to unblock certain websites.

Strong Protection for Online Private Data

This is another benefit of subscribing to a paid VPN. The security of your private data online is essential. When using a VPN, our data session needs to be deleted after we are done with our activities online. That’s to ensure the safety of our private data. This is not so when you use a free VPN. It means other users of a free VPN can track your activities. They can also have access to your data. You don’t want this, being completely anonymous is what a premium VPN offers.

It Improves Speed

With the freest version of VPNs comes a slow connection speed. That’s called throttling. Remember that you will be sharing a limited server with a bunch of free users.

On the other side, with a paid VPN, you will get full speed while experiencing total access to anonymous web surfing.

Bandwidth Limit

Just as stated above, the free version of a VPN service often comes with limited bandwidth.

For an unlimited bandwidth capable of gaming, P2P actions, as well as streaming videos online, the service of a paid VPN is the best fit.

That’s not all. With a good paid VPN, there’s no more slow downloads or all sorts of buffering.

Network Security is Top-notch

There is guaranteed security when you use a paid VPN. With a free VPN? Use it at your peril. Your safety while browsing online is essential, we can’t stress this enough. A good VPN offers great tunneling protocols. It also has DNS and IPv6 leak protection. Most paid VPNs provide AES 256-bit encryption.


If you love security and privacy when browsing webs online, using a paid VPN is a smart choice. Be careful when using a free VPN.

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