Suzanne Somers, a popular television personality, died on Sunday morning. She was 76 years old at the time when she died. It was announced by her longtime publicist, R. Couri Hay, who shared a statement on the internet and gave this news to the public. He shared that Suzanne Somers died peacefully at her home on this Sunday morning of October 15th. She survived an aggressive form of breast cancer for over 23 years. It was sad news for the television industry as she has been working in this industry for a long time and has contributed to popular television shows. Her fans have also expressed their sadness on the internet after she died. 

Her publicist, R. Couri Hay, has written that Suzanne was with her husband Alan, her son Bruce, and her immediate family when she died, and her family came to celebrate her 77th birthday on October 16th. Her family members also thanked her followers and fans who have supported her in her professional television career. She was a known face in the television industry for her popular television shows “Three’s Company” and “Step by Step”. These two shows have given her recognition in her starting television shows. She also worked on other popular projects.

Suzanne Somers Before Died

Before she died, she had shared an Instagram post in July where she wrote that her breast cancer had returned after she was first affected in 2000. She faced this medical issue for the firt time in 2000, but she got relief with medicines. On that Instagram post, she shared a photo of herself and Hamel along with sharing that she had had breast cancer two decades ago, and it came after a period of time. She has been fighting breast cancer for a long period of time, and it has affected her daily life. In that post, she also shared that her family and Hamel are helping.

NameSuzanne Somers
BornOctober 16, 1946
Age77 (as of October 16, 2023)
OccupationActress, author, singer, businesswoman, and health spokesperson
Known forTelevision roles as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company and as Carol Lambert on Step by Step
Other notable worksBest-selling self-help books, including Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones (2006); two autobiographies; four diet books; and a book of poetry
Awards and nominationsTwo Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Television Film for her work on Three’s Company
Net worth$100 million

Acting career

In her acting career, she began working on the television show Anniversary Game, which came in 1969, and she acted in this show till the year of 1970. It became one of the popular projects and gave her starting popularity in the industry. She was also known for her self-help book Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bio identical Hormones in 2006. She has made her name in the industry for working on popular television shows, which include The Rockford Files, Lotsa Luck, The Six Million Dollar Man, Hollywood Wives and The Suzanne Show as host. 


She did her last television show, Home & Family, which came in 2017, and since then, she has not been active in the industry. From her starting acting role in the show Anniversary Game to her last television show, she has worked with various artists and actors and had a good relationship with leading industry professionals. She was a good businesswoman and author. 

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

At the time of her death, she had a net worth of $100 million in 2023, which is a massive amount of money from her professional acting career. Her television work has contributed a lot to her net worth. She has created a good source of income, which has made this massive amount of net worth. She made assets and luxury houses along with her husband. Her two popular shows have earned a lot, which was Step by Step and Three’s Company, a television personality.  

One of the major breaks came in her professional career with the show Three’s Company, where she was making around $5,000 per episode for her starting seasons. This amount later grew to a salary of $30,000 per episode after she gained popularity in the industry. It has also reached $150,000 per episode, which became a major source of income in her career.

After all this success, she died on 15th October 2023 in her home in Palm Springs, California. Popular personalities in the industry have also expressed their sadness about her death along with her fans. She contributed to the television industry for a long time in popular television shows as a host and actress. In these television days, she is known for her work in the show Three’s Company. She was a successful actress, author, singer, businesswoman, and health spokesperson and is known for her popular contributions in various fields of her work. 

Balance Sheet

Assets:$15 Million +
Inheritance:$5 Million +
Gold Reserves:$800,000 +
Luxury Cars:3 +
Luxury Watches:10 +
Stock Portfolio:$500,000 +
Investment:$35 Million +

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