As of 2024, American YouTuber MS Rachel Net Worth is estimated to be $12 Million. These wealth estimates are based on factors like her YouTube channel income, sponsored content deals, and potential investments. Ms. Rachel is a very famous YouTuber in America, who has done incredible work in her career so far. She began her youtube channel in 2019, and to date, she has managed to achieve over 7.89 million subscribers on, which is simply Unbelievable.

She has achieved this feat in no time, which makes her so special. Rachel has various other ventures as well, and she has made some serious fortune from all. She has over 4 billion views on her YouTube channel, which has added hugely to her fortune. Currently, her estimated net worth is $12 million. Also, check Angelina Jolie Net Worth.

MS Rachel Net Worth

NameMiss Rachel
Net Worth (2024)$12 Million
ProfessionAmerican YouTuber
Monthly Income$70,000 +
Yearly Income$1 Million +
ChannelMs Rachel – Toddler Learning Videos
Years active2019–present
GenresChildren’s music education
Last Updated2024
MS Rachel Net Worth

Her channel, “Ms Rachel – Toddler Learning Videos,” has over 7.89 million subscribers and billions of views. She likely earns significant revenue from ad views and sponsored content on the platform. Rachel is involved in various charitable causes. She has partnered with organizations like Toys for Tots and Save the Children, and she often uses her platform to raise awareness for important issues.

MS Rachel Assets

  • Home – Ms. Rachel is an American personality, who has done exceptional work in her career. She has achieved some serious acclamation for her very special content. She is an educator and songwriter is well. Currently, she lives in New York City, where she owns a very beautiful house. 
  • Car collection – Ms. Rachel has very few cars in her collection, and she barely shares any details about her assets. She owns a very beautiful Mercedes and a Range Rover.

MS Rachel’s Sources of Income

MS Rachel, the beloved YouTube sensation known for her adorable tunes and interactive activities that help toddlers and preschoolers learn and enhance language skills, has built a remarkable career in educational entertainment. Although specific figures regarding his salary and earnings are unknown, various sources and estimates provide information about his financial prosperity.

Youtube Revenue


MS Rachel’s main source of income is from her YouTube channel, “Songs for Littles,” which has an impressive 6.33 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. According to Social Blade, a platform that tracks social media metrics, her monthly YouTube earnings are estimated to range from $80.8K to $1.3M, while annual estimates range from $970K to $15.5M. Must Read Amanda Bynes Net Worth.

Brand Collaborations and Sponsorships

Thanks to her charming personality and substantial audience among the youth, MS Rachel has become a favorite collaborator for brands. Collaborations with companies such as Amazon, Target, Huggies, and Little Passports have contributed to her earnings, generating an estimated $4 million through advertising and commission-based sales of toys and merchandise. Must Read Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth.

Other Income Sources

In addition to YouTube and sponsorships, MS Rachel can also generate income from a variety of channels, including live events, merchandise sales, and other ventures. Although specific details are not publicly disclosed, it is reasonable to speculate that these contribute significantly to her overall financial outlook.

Rachel McAdams Income

Miss Rachel is a YouTube personality, who has a very famous YouTube channel Ms. Rachel – toddler learning videos. She has over 6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, which is simply incredible. She focuses on genres such as children’s music and learning, and she has helped numerous kids learn language and speak via her interesting videos. She also runs a very famous YouTube series named Songs For Littles, a children’s music series.

Apart from her work on YouTube, she is also a social media personality, songwriter, and educator. Rachel began her YouTube channel in 2019, and in the last three to four years, she has achieved great heights in her career. Also, check Kirstie Alley Net Worth.

MS Rachel Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
MS Rachel Net Worth in 2024$12 Million
MS Rachel Net Worth in 2023$11 Million
MS Rachel Net Worth in 2022$10 Million
MS Rachel Net Worth in 2021$9 Million
MS Rachel Net Worth in 2022$8 Million
Miss Rachel Net Worth in 2019$7 Million


  • Miss Rachel Was born on November 30, 1982, in Biddeford, Maine, United States
  • Miss Rachel’s Height is 5 ft 2 in (1.57m)
  • Miss Rachel’s Weight is 55 kg / 121 lbs
  • Miss Rachel is an American YouTuber
  • Miss Rachel’s Annual Income is $0.8 Million +
  • Miss Rachel’s Net Worth is $12 Million as of 2024


Ms. Rachel is a phenomenal woman of America, who has done exceptional work in her career. She is a very prominent celebrity, who is working as a YouTuber, and she is the most successful YouTuber in America in the last few years. She has millions of subscribers on her channel, and she has millions of followers on her social media profiles as well. Currently, she is well respected and acknowledged by everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of MS Rachel?

MS Rachel’s total net worth is around $12 Million as of 2024.

What is the Salary of MS Rachel?

MS Rachel earns an estimated salary of $0.8 Million per Year.

What is the monthly income of MS Rachel?

MS Rachel per month Salary is $70,000.

How old is Miss Rachel?

Currently, Miss Rachel is 41 years old (30 November 1982).

What is the height of Miss Rachel?

The Height of Miss Rachel is 1.77 M.

What is the name of Miss Rachel’s Husband?

Miss Rachel is currently married to Cynthia Kereluk since 2007.

How many kids does Miss Rachel have?

Miss Rachel does not have any kids yet.


Miss Rachel Balance Sheet

Assets:$1,00,000 +
Gold Reserves:$50,000 +
Luxury Cars:2 +
Luxury Watches:8 +
Stock Portfolio:8 +
Luxury Yachts:1 +
Crypto Investments:$30,000 +
Investment:$3 Million +
Royalty Income:$80,000 +
Business Income:$1,00,000 +
Other Income:$4,00,000 +
Loans & Liabilities:$4,00,000 +
Annual Expense:$100,000 +
Taxes Paid:$60,000 +

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