Rachel Griffin, who is known all around the world by her professional name of Rachel Griffin-Accurso or Ms. Rachel, is a very famous and successful Personality in America. She was born in Biddeford, Maine, United States, on 30 November 1982. She was raised in Maine, where she used to live with her parents. She moved to Sanford, soon after her birth, and there she attended Sanford High School.

She began doing theatres at a very young age, and very soon she managed to do very well. After completing her schooling, she moved to the University of Southern Maine, where she also did some theatres and drama. She later went to New York City, where she began her YouTube channel. She also earned her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from New York City. Currently, she is pursuing her second master’s degree related to early childhood education. 

As far as her personal life is concerned, she is currently married to Aron Accurso, who is a very famous name. He is working as a Broadway music director and composer, and they are complimenting each other’s work really well. She also began her YouTube channel with the help of her husband, and later they managed to do some wonders. She also has a son, who motivated her to start her own YouTube channel on that topic. 

Career and Awards

Ms. Rachel is a very famous name in America. She is a YouTuber, who began her YouTube channel way back in 2019. She started her YouTube channel with her husband, and she chose the name Ms. Rachel, which became her identity. She started her channel looking after her own son, who was suffering from speech issues, and he didn’t utter a word until the age of two.


She decided to create something which would enhance the speech skills of Toddlers, just by watching. She created a series on her channel named Songs for Littles, involving children’s songs, nursery rhymes, and her own songs and music, as she is also a songwriter. The channel rose to prominence in 2020, during the COVID pandemic. After her success on YouTube, she also became famous on TikTok, where she managed to gain over 2 million followers till 2023. 

Till date, she has 6.95 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and over 2.5 million followers on TikTok. She runs a very big crew, and they all work really hard to improve the content and its quality. Their parents really put their trust in her, and she has really delivered up to the expectations. She has healed her own son, and she has provided support to numerous other toddlers. She also has a YouTube silver and gold button. Must Check Erin Moriarty Net Worth.


Ms. Rachel did her early schooling at Sanford High School. She later moved to the University of Southern Maine, where she also studied theatres for a while and completed her bachelor’s degree. However, soon she moved to New York University, where she earned her master’s degree in music education. She is currently pursuing her second master’s in early childhood education.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Miss Rachel?

Currently, Miss Rachel is 41 years old (30 November 1982).

What is the height of Miss Rachel?

The Height of Miss Rachel is 1.77 M.

What is the name of Miss Rachel's Husband?

Miss Rachel is currently married to Cynthia Kereluk since 2007.

How many kids does Miss Rachel have?

Miss Rachel does not have any kids yet.


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