Kevin Hart Net Worth is $215 Million US Dollars. Kevin Hart is an American stand-up comedian and actor. In 2017, Kevin Hart launched the Laugh Out Loud Network, a subscription video streaming service in partnership with Lionsgate. Kevin Hart began his career by winning several amateur comedy competitions at clubs throughout New England. In the last decade, Kevin Hart’s net worth has grown at a pace of 250%. Checkout Kanye West Net Worth.

What is Kevin Hart Net Worth?

The world’s best American comedian “Kevin Hart” has a net worth of $215 Million. According to various online resources (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB), the most popular American comedian Kevin Hart estimated a net worth of around $215 Million.

Current Net Worth$215 Million
Annual Income$30 Million
Taxes Paid$7 Million
Cars Owned12
House Properties4
Kevin Hart Net Worth Summary

How many cars does Kevin Hart own?

Kevin Hart owns 12 cars. Kevin Hart has recently purchased a brand-new Volvo XC90 for $180,000 USD. Kevin Hart also owns a Lamborghini Huracan that’s worth more than $700,000 USD. A few other cars owned by Kevin Hart are listed below, along with their prices. Read Park Chanyeol Net Worth.

  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class – $60,000 USD
  • BMW X6 – $150,000 USD
  • Jaguar XE – $80,000 USD
  • Porsche Cayenne – $260,000 USD
  • Ferrari 488 – $500,000 USD

Kevin Hart House Properties

Kevin Hart has recently purchased a flat in Denver for over $3 Million US Dollars. Kevin Hart also owns a Mansion in Wisconsin that is worth over $9 Million USD. Other properties owned by Kevin Hart are listed below. Checkout Eddie Murphy Net Worth.

  • New York – $4 Million USD
  • Los Angeles – $7 Million USD
  • Miami – $4 Million USD
  • Dallas – $2 Million USD

Kevin Hart’s Collection of Watches

  1. Chopard – $105,000 USD
  2. Patek Philippe – $300,000 USD
  3. Hermes – $55,000 USD
  4. Porsche Design – $90,000 USD
  5. Omega – $80,000 USD
  6. Louis Vuitton – $65,000 USD

Changes in Kevin Hart’s Net Worth

Net Worth in 2022$215 Million USD
Net Worth in 2021$190 Million USD
Net Worth in 2020$162 Million USD
Net Worth in 2019$148 Million USD
Net Worth in 2018$139 Million USD
Net Worth in 2017$122 Million USD
Net Worth in 2016$105 Million USD
Net Worth in 2015$86 Million USD
Net Worth in 2014$60 Million USD
Net Worth in 2013$43 Million USD
Net Worth in 2012$215 Million USD
kevin hart net worth

What classic cars does Kevin Hart have?

  • 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454
  • 1965 Shelby Mustang GT-350
  • 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kevin Hart the richest comedian?

No. Jerry Seinfeld is the richest comedian. Kevin Hart is 12th richest comedian in the world.

How did Kevin Hart get rich?

Kevin Hart earned millions of dollars through collaboration with media companies like Disney, Netflix. Kevin Hart is also one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.


What companies does Kevin Hart own?

Kevin Hart owns two companies. Laugh Out Loud and Kevin Hard Productions.

How much money does Kevin Hart make a day?

Kevin Hart makes $250,000 in a day.

How much is Kevin Hart paid for a movie?

Kevin Hart earns $25 Million US Dollars per film.

Does Kevin Hart own a Ferrari?

Yes. Kevin Hart owns a Ferrari 488 and also Ferrari Roma.

How much does Kevin Hart make per standup?

Kevin Hart earns $750,000 per stand-up sketch.

How much did Kevin Hart pay for his Corvette?

Kevin Hart paid a whopping $620,000 for his Corvette car.

What does Kevin Hart do in his free time?

Kevin Hart is an occasional painter. He also surfs during his free time.

Is Kevin Hart an entrepreneur?

Yes. Kevin Hart net worth comes from his highly successful business ventures.

How many days a week does Kevin Hart workout?

Kevin Hart works out 5 days a week.

What is Kevin Hart’s height?

Kevin Hart’s height is 1.60 meters (5 foot 3 Inches).

Where did Kevin Hart study?

After graduating from George Washington High School, Hart briefly attended the Community College of Philadelphia before dropping out and moving to New York City.


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