Jim Brown Career: Jim Brown started his professional football career when he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns team in 1957. He has signed the contract with this team for a fee and has performed excellently in his debut matches. He has played football as the fullback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League. The Cleveland Browns selected him in the first round of the 1957 NFL draft, the sixth overall selection after completing college.

He broke the record label of the single-season rushing record in 1958, gaining 1,527 yards in the 12-game season. He has become a well-known football player after giving excellent performances. He retired from playing football in the years of 1956. He has played football against various famous teams and received various awards and titles.

He has received the NFL Most Valuable Player three times and NFL rushing touchdowns leader five times. His other achievements include the NFL 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, the Greatest college football player ever, the Bert Bell Award, and the NFL 1960s All-Decade Team. He has played in various championships in his career, including the NFL championship in 1964.

He is also a well-known actor seen in various movies and television shows. He appeared for the first time in the movie Rio Conchos where he played the role of the Rio Conchos. His other movies include The Ice Station Zebra, Dark of the Sun, and The Dirty Dozen in his career. He did his last movie in 2006 called Sideliners, where he played the role of Monroe. You may also like J. J. Watt Net Worth.


Jim Brown was a renowned athlete who was selected to play in the NFL. He played for the Cleveland Browns and had many outstanding achievements. Jim broke records for rushing yards, touchdowns, and all-purpose yards. He even scored over 100 rushing touchdowns, which is rare. 

Jim quit when he was only 29 years old, which is younger than most performers retire now. He was recognized for being hard to tackle and winning an NFL title in 1964.

Jim Brown Income

Acting Career

Brown started his acting career after quitting the NFL. His 1st big role was in a Western film named “Rio Conchos” in 1964, but it didn’t do well. Regardless, his 2nd movie, “The Dirty Dozen,” was a big hit and led to more opportunities for him. 

He became recognized as Hollywood’s 1st black action star and appeared in many movies during the 1970s. In later years, he appeared in Television shows, such as “Knight Rider” and films like “Mars Attacks!”

Jim Brown Wife & Kids

Brown wedded his 1st wife, Sue Brown (previously known as Sue Jones), in September 1959. But in 1968, she asked for a divorce, declaring he didn’t take care of their kids. They had 3 kids – twins born in 1960 and a son born in 1962. The divorce was finalized in 1972, and Brown had to provide $2,500 per month for maintenance and $100 every week for kid support.

In December 1973, Brown proposed to 18-year-old Diane Stanley to marry him. He met her while he was in Acapulco, Mexico, in April of that year. They chose not to get wedded in 1974.

Brown got wedded again in 1997 to his 2nd spouse, Monique. They had 2 children together.

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