Possible Consequences of exhausting the Bitcoin mining limits!: The creator of bitcoin allowed people to mine only 21 million bitcoins ever. However, 90% of the total limit is already in circulation. It took only about 12 years to mine 90% of the total limit of bitcoin. Now, the eyes are on the consequences of exhausting the limits. When are the limits of 21 million bitcoins exhausted completely? What is going to happen? It is yet to be seen because we can never be sure about the future. However, we can imagine what will happen when the bitcoin economy runs out of supply.

Working of supply chain

Satoshi Nakamoto placed a cap of a maximum limit of up to 21,000,000 on the supply of bitcoins. However, it is regulated to the algorithm in its source code. There is a limited supply of bitcoin, which makes it a cash commodity and can also be very helpful in creating a better price for bitcoin in future. A new bitcoin is added to the supply takes about 10 minutes, and a new block is created. There is a reduced half every four years for adding new bitcoin blocks in the circulation.

Ninety million bitcoins are already in circulation, and only 2 million remain. According to the experts, it will only take a few years to mine the remaining 2 million bitcoins. As per the data, by 2140, 21 million bitcoins will be in circulation, so the supply of bitcoin will stop. As a result, the existing bitcoins will circulate in the market, making it a scarce commodity.

Impact of exhausting the limit!

Bitcoin miners play a vital role in the sphere of this incredible cryptocurrency. They solve the cryptographic budget to verify the transaction and add a new cryptocurrency to the system. However, they are rewarded with a fair share of bitcoin that they add to the system. It is the process of getting income from cryptocurrency mining. Every cryptocurrency miner faces a hurdle: they roughly get halls every four hours. In 2012, the system rewarded them with 25 bitcoins, and in 2016 it was 12.5. In 2020, it stood at 6.25 bitcoins only.

The process of solving highly advanced complex mathematical puzzles is cryptocurrency mining. However, it requires a high amount of energy and highly advanced computer systems. Every cryptocurrency miner from creating a new block is used up in the operational cost. However, the reward they get is also decreasing after every four years. It may lead to a sustainable business model for the cryptocurrency miners, and they may not recover higher profits.

According to the system, the transaction fees for using bitcoin as a mode of payment will increase in future but it is not going to be as high as the traditional one. Also, only a limited number of transactions can be confirmed to the Blockchain system within 10 minutes, as per the bitcoin basics crucial things to know about this virtual currency. Therefore, minors will lack block rewards for creating new blocks for the cryptocurrency bitcoin system. In the future, the state of the network and the number of transactions will depend on many factors. However, if miners use highly advanced systems and innovation to make energy-efficient cryptocurrency mining exist, they may keep on making a considerable profit.


Impact on the network!

If the network distribution Blockchain system does not work correctly with the bitcoin, it may not perform as well as it is performing right now. When the transaction increases in the network, there are chances that the speed of every transaction will decrease. Therefore, people may not like it. However, the architecture of bitcoin is focused on accuracy and integrity. Speed is the secondary sector. Therefore, it can lead to making bitcoin a reserve asset. The prominent institutional players will take over the market.

Effect on BTC as a currency!

When the scarcity of bitcoin increases due to the exhaustion of its supply, the mechanism of fear of missing out will come into force, a large number of people will set in to purchase rare assets like bitcoin. Therefore, the people who already hold bitcoin will be in a more significant position to sell their assets at a better price. However, the reverse also can happen. When the supply of bitcoin is exhausted, many people may lose their interest, and therefore, the prices can also go low. Also, there is another factor that needs to be understood. The nations may decide to impose regulations on bitcoin, decreasing the volatility in the prices.

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