Dolph Ziggler Net Worth is $52 Million US Dollars. Dolph Ziggler is an American professional wrestler and stand-up comedian. Dolph Ziggler’s salary is in the millions and is regarded as one of the highest-earning wrestlers this year. In this editorial, we will give you an exclusive peek into the rich lifestyle of Dolph Ziggler, the Salary earned by him, Who Dolph Ziggler’s wife is, and many more details. Checkout Liv Morgan Net Worth.

What is Dolph Ziggler Net Worth?

The world’s best American professional wrestler “Dolph Ziggler” has a net worth of $52 Million. According to various online resources (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB), the most popular American professional wrestler and stand-up comedian Dolph Ziggler estimated a net worth of around $52 Million.

Net Worth$52 Million
WWE Salary$5 Million
Private Jet1
Weight218 lbs (99 kg)

Dolph Ziggler Cars

Dolph Ziggler owns some of the most expensive & luxury cars in the world. Dolph Ziggler has last month bought a Bugatti Veyron for $2 Million USD. A Few other cars owned by Dolph Ziggler were listed below. You should see Logan Paul Net Worth.

  • Lamborghini Urus
  • Audi Q8
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Jaguar F-TYPE
  • Porsche Cayenne

Dolph Ziggler House

Dolph Ziggler lives in his 10,000 square foot luxury villa located in Cleveland, Ohio. Dolph Ziggler has bought his villa for an estimated price of $15 Million. Dolph Ziggler’s house has two indoor pools, a home theater, a game room, and many more amenities. Also Checkout Jake Paul Net Worth.

Dolph Ziggler House net worth

Dolph Ziggler’s Salary in WWE

First WWE Salary$20,000
Salary before 2006$100,000
WWE Salary in 2010$400,000
WWE Salary in 2015$1 Million
Present Day Salary$5 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dolph Ziggler salary?

Dolph Ziggler earns a $5 Million salary from WWE.

Is Dolph Ziggler rich?

Yes. With an estimated net worth of over $50 Million, Dolph Ziggler is one of the richest wrestlers in the world.


What is Dolph Ziggler’s net worth?

Dolph Ziggle net worth is $52 Million.

What is Dolph Ziggler’s weight?

218 lbs (99 kilograms).

What is Dolph Ziggler’s height?

6 feet 1 inch (183 cm or 1.83 meters).

Who is Dolph Ziggler’s wife?

Dolph Ziggler is currently not married and is staying single.

Is Dolph Ziggler broken?

No. Dolph Ziggler earns over $5 Million annually through salary and is one of the highest-paid wrestlers in the USA.

What is Dolph Ziggler’s real name?

Nicholas Theodore Nemeth.

Dolph Ziggler Bio

Dolph Ziggler has been a fan of professional wrestling since he was five years old, when he attended a wrestling event at the Richfield Coliseum, and he decided to become a professional wrestler at age 10.

Dolph Ziggler signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2004.

Dolph Ziggler was called up to the Raw roster shortly afterwards, making his television debut on the September 19, 2005.


On September 15, 2008, he re-debuted on Raw (as a heel), introducing himself in a backstage segment under the name “Dolph Ziggler”.

In June 2010, Dolph Ziggler began a romantic storyline with Vickie Guerrero, who began accompanying him to the ring.

In 2011, Dolph Ziggler beat United States Champion Kofi Kingston in a non-title match on the May 30 episode of Raw, leading to a championship match at Capitol Punishment which Dolph Ziggler won.

Dolph Ziggler Earnings from Stand-up comedy

Dolph Ziggler earned over $10 Million from his stand-up comedy appearances. Dolph Ziggler grew up a fan of comedians such as Johnny Carson, Jon Lovitz, Dana Carvey, Jan Hooks, Phil Hartman. In 2017, Dolph Ziggler started seriously moonlighting in stand-up, while still wrestling for WWE.

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