Derrick Henry Biography: American football running back Derrick Henry was born On 4th, January 1994 in Yulee, Florida, United States. When he was growing up, he used to play football, basketball, and baseball. Yes. He was one of those Wonder kids who can be called three Sports kids. He was good in all those sports, but on his father’s advice, He chose football to carry on. He impressed everybody during his school. Check out Derrick Henry Personal Life, Wife, Parents, Kids, Height, Weight, and more details.

Derrick Henry, affectionately known as “King Henry”, is an American football player who plays in the National Football League (NFL), where he plays for the Tennessee Titans. His distinctive style of play is often described as a “bell cow”, and his physical stature exceeds that of the average runner.

Derrick Henry Income

Subsequently, Henry continued to make his mark on the football field at the University of Alabama, where he earned the prestigious title of All-American twice and claimed the Heisman Trophy in 2015. His collegiate career concluded with a victory over Alabama. In the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship.

The NFL beckoned and Henry was selected by the Tennessee Titans in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He quickly became known as one of the league’s premier running backs. In both 2019 and 2020, he led the NFL in rushing yards and was honored as the NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2020. 


In addition to his remarkable accomplishments on the field, Derrick Henry is admired for his unwavering work ethic and humility, setting an example for aspiring young athletes across the country. He still holds seven different records In Tennessee State School.

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Derrick Henry Biography & Early Life:

  • Born: January 4, 1994, Yulee, Florida, United States
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Current team: Tennessee Titans (#22 / Running back)
  • Dates joined: 2016 (Tennessee Titans), 2013 (Alabama Crimson Tide football)
  • Weight: 112 kg
  • Height: 1.91 m
  • Parents: Derrick Henry Sr., Stacy Veal
  • Challenged Beginnings: Grew up in a lower-middle-class family facing poverty and his father’s tumultuous legal issues
  • Strong Maternal Bond: Found stability and support in his mother, Stacy Veal, who worked relentlessly to provide for their family
  • Athletic Prodigy: Excelled in football, basketball, and track, showcasing his undeniable talent from a young age

High School and College Stardom:

  • Yulee High School Legend: Broke national high school rushing records, racking up over 12,000 yards and etching his name in football history
  • Crimson Tide Triumphant: Played for the University of Alabama (2013-2015), contributing to two national championships and winning numerous accolades, including the Heisman Trophy
  • Academic Pursuit: Prioritizing education, graduated with a degree in communication, showcasing his commitment to intellectual growth

NFL Journey and Rise to Stardom:

  • Draft Day Arrival: Selected in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans
  • Slow and Steady Ascent: Faced early challenges but steadily improved, showcasing his powerful running style and relentless work ethic
  • “King Henry” Emerges: Burst onto the scene in 2019, leading the NFL in rushing yards and earning his first Offensive Player of the Year award
  • Consistency and Domination: Continued his reign of dominance, rushing for over 2,000 yards in two consecutive seasons and cementing his status as one of the league’s best running backs

Personal Life and Values:

  • Family Man: Values family above all else, maintaining a close bond with his mother, siblings, and daughter, Nova
  • Philanthropic Efforts: Gives back to his community through the Derrick Henry Foundation, focusing on youth development and educational initiatives
  • Quiet Demeanor: Despite his on-field prowess, known for his humble and reserved personality, preferring to let his actions speak louder than words

Interesting Facts:

  • Nickname Origin: Earned the nickname “King Henry” due to his imposing physique and powerful running style
  • Musical Aspirations: Briefly pursued a career in music before choosing football, showcasing his multi-faceted talents
  • Gaming Enthusiast: Enjoys playing video games, particularly Madden NFL, connecting with fans and fellow players

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eyes color of Derrick Henry?

Derrick Henry eyes color is Black.

How old is Derrick Henry?

Currently, Derrick Henry is 30 years old (4 January 1994).

What is the height of Derrick Henry?

The height of Derrick Henry is 6 ft 3 in (191 cm).

Who is Derrick Henry married to?

No, Derrick Henry is not married.


Derrick Henry Biography

Name:Derrick Henry
Real Name:Derrick Lamar Henry Jr.
Profession:American football running back
Birth Place:Yulee, Florida, United States
Date Of Birth:1994-01-04
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight:112 Kg or 247 lbs
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black
Education:Yulee High School, University of Alabama
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Parents Name:Derrick Henry Sr., Stacy Veal
School:Yulee High School,
College:University of Alabama
Net Worth:20
Net Worth Unit:$20 Million
Salary:$5.83 Million Contract Salary
Monthly Income:$1,00,000 +
Annual Inccome:$2 Million +
Post ID:104623

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