How to Study CMA Final Corporate Laws and Compliance in 2021

How to Study CMA Final Corporate Laws and Compliance. Considering the same, I have enumerated some points in the attached paragraphs.

Raju Choudhary

How to Study CMA Final Corporate Laws and Compliance

Corporate Laws and Compliance: In this changed situation of epidemics having lockdowns at every level, it is difficult for students to concentrate on their studies. They have been doing their learning with social distancing. Institute suggested me to give some TIPS points for students to get good marks in the online examination for law subject.

Considering the same, I have enumerated some points in the attached paragraphs. However, these are my suggested points and can be taken only as a suggestion and not a final in any and every situation.

I am sure these would help students in preparing well to score good marks.

How to get good marks in on line examination of Corporate Law and Compliance


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How to Study CMA Final Corporate Laws and Compliance

How to Study CMA Final Corporate Laws and Compliance
How to Study CMA Final Corporate Laws and Compliance

Mention of correct section of laws:

first and foremost important is mentioning correct section of the law. Mention of wrong section results in creation of bad impression about a student. Therefore if you are hundred percent confident then only make a specific mention of the section. You can describe the main theme of the section.

Mention of case laws:

Next in law papers what is most important is mentioning the Case Laws because that gives weightage to your answers. You should not only mention case law but also explain the case law to the examiner so that examiner carries a very good opinion about your knowledge.

Confidence and accuracy:

We should first always attempt those questions in which we have hundred percent correct answers. In this manner we should follow a sequence of answering questions. First 3 to 4 questions which we are answering should be such where we have got correct answers. If we answer in this manner, we feel happy and automatically our confidence level at the exam goes up.

You may experience that if you follow the above tip, you will be able to evenanswer those questions where you do not have proper answers in the beginning when you first viewed question paper. But since your confidence level has gone up, it will help you to answer the question for which you are not confident.

Time management and covering all questions:

Always remember thattime management is the key.If you answer one question for more than the time allotted to it you will not be able to complete your full paper in time.If you miss one full question, you will lose full 14 or 12 marks of that question, but if you write more for one question you will hardly get 3 or 4 marks more. Which means you are a loser there. Therefore always manage the time and Corporate Laws and Compliance complete full paper and ensure that nothing is left out. All questions must be answered.

Description of case laws:

Next line in law paper whatthe examinerwants iswhat youhaveunderstood about that particular CASE LAW /topic. Therefore you should explain what you have understood rather than simply reproducing whatever is given in the book.

Objective Question:

Give full weightage to first objective question of 20 marks. It is short and you can finish it in 20-25 minutes but can secure 20 marks leaving time for other descriptive questions. You should master this because this one question brings you to one fifth of your total marks. If you are thorough with it fully automatically your confidence level will go up. Never ever leave it.

Look at the weightage given by Institute to different topics / laws and accordingly prepare yourself. Keep questions asked in previous exams before you, before you start studies.

Thorough Preparation:

When you are appearing for the exam appear with full preparation and plan in such a way that you will clear the exam in the very first attempt.

The reason behind this is because when we are preparing for the first time, we are able to reproduce maximum out of that what we study but if you take it casually and say Dekha jayega.Kya hota Hai i.e. casually. Then we do not write the answers properly and are required to reappear. But remember that in second or third attempt, Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns applies in in our studies Therefore we are not able to reproduce the same percentage of what we have studied in the second attempt or third attempt. Therefore prepare with 100% preparation and face the exam. In such a case there are chances that it you will pass the group and be a successful candidate with flying colours.

Please remember to clear the exam there are no shortcuts. Never believe in people saying only do so much and that is enough for you to pass. Ours is a professional exam and not a university exam. Therefore digest this difference and accordingly approach to your studies.

Format of question paper:

Look at the Format of question paper which is most important, we should we thorough with it. Then decide which topics you will thoroughly master and which topics you will prepare moderately.

Give proper rest to brain.

You should have proper rest of 7.5 to 8 hours daily. Your brain will help you to give that topic which you have read some 3-4 months back. It will help you to reproduce that which you have read long time back. But for that what is most important is giving rest to the brain. I have seen most of the students do overnight studies, read even in the examination hall, even till the answer sheets are distributed in exam hall.This is absolutely wrong. You should not unnecessarily bother your brain too much. Keep all your studies aside at least one hour before Law exam.

In a systematic manner let it do its work. If it gets some rest it can help you to answer your questions properly. Don’t get frightened by looking at other people for their preparation. You are appearing your paper, your exam, so therefore do not care for others. Be calm and quiet. Pray to your God and request him to help you to clear your exam. Be confident and not shaky.

11. When you are preparing for examination, give instructions to your brain that I am short of time and therefore please remember whatever I am reading.

Read slowly and try to recapitulate at the end of the day. People say I read 20 pages per 1 hour but I believe that it is a mockery of the study. Read only 8 pages or 10 pages but read with full concentration so that you understand them, digest them and remember it forever. Now that you are having holidays or working from home you have got time which is more than what you used to have when you are working. Please make a fruitful use of this opportunity. Whatever one group or two group you are appearing keep target that you will cover every subject at least for 2 and half hours every day. This is required and most important. While doing calculation please keep 2-3 days before the exam free. Because you need to keep those days only for the first paper. Always remember that you must do your first paper very well because it is your opening batting just like in a cricket match. If your score is more automatically your confidence level will cover. And this is a must for clearing the professional exam.

Study one subject maximum for 2.5 hours at a time and not more.

While preparing for the exam, I always say one subject should be studied for maximum two and half hours and have a break thereafter at least for 15 minutes. During these 15 minutes have tea coffee, some snacks look at your WhatsApp or listen to songs or any other entertainment and don’t look at the books. Then leave that subject and take another subject. Like that you have to change subject every two and half hour. After two subjects there should be a gap of at least half an hour. During this break have your lunch. Even I would go further and say that have a nap of 10-15 minutes because you have prepared and you are tired.

Remember one thing and that is study of one subject for more than two and half hours will lead to draining off of what you have done after 2 and half hours. Therefore give it a break.

When you are starting a fresh start with that subject where you are not confident/ not prepared. This is because you have taken rest and your brain is fresh. After that again once two and half hours are over have a break. During this break have your tea coffee listen to music coma see your WhatsApp messages. There are start subject which you like so that whatever you study you are again fresh.

In this manner every day youshould planyour studies. Subjects like accounting financial management which are tough you should start in the morning when you get up because you are brain is fresh. So that so that what you do is difficult is registered in your brain and you are able to understand.

13. Try to read your some notes see previous question papers and answers from ICMA web site or from scanner Never believe in overnight studies reading only one subject for the full day without any breaks. Remember if we are given daily same breakfast, lunch, we get bored full stop same is the case of our brain he also needs variety. And that is that you are giving by changing the subject.

14. Never think that you are not intelligent, you don’t remember the things, and some of the subjects are very difficult to understand. This is because when you have taken admission for this professional exam you are already intelligent then why do you say that you are not. Never undermine yourself. Remember some people understand in one reading whereas some people understand in two readings but that does not mean they are not intelligent.

15. Be prompt and active in answering questions. Since the exam will be online, please practise yourself on Computer so that your figures are habituated as to what alphabet is where in Computer and Laptop, instead of searching it all over.

16. Believe in yourself. Keep a target that I want to finish my exam and get the degree in Year June 2021/22/23 as per your groups remaining and plan accordingly. Remember nothing happens overnight. It is always that hard work only pays and not by just dreaming of success but working for success.

17. Remember that successful people do not do different things but they plan and do things differently. This is a way to SUCCESS. There cannot be a SUCCESS without U Wish you best of luck for the on line examination.

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