CMA Exam Notice – Latest Announcement and Notifications by ICMAI

CMA Exam Notice – Latest Announcement and Notifications by ICMAI. ICAI stands for The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Earlier known as The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India was renamed as The Institute of Cost Accountants of India vide, The Cost and Works Accountants (Amendment) Act, 2011. Applicability of Ind AS June 2019 Final Examination, Applicability of Ind AS and AS in Intermediate June 2019 Examination.

A Cost and Management Accountant specialises in navigating managerial decisions, stabilising budgets and standards, assessing operational efficiency and the effectiveness of production and service management, identifying accountability for profit variance. His responsibilities include: designing and implementing effective management information and control systems, planning costing systems and methods, inventory control incorporating mathematical models, investment analysis, project management, internal audit, cost audit, diagnosis in the case of sick industries, fund management, pricing planning, interpreting information and data related to business activities and translating them in such a way as to guide the core management into taking the right decisions.

Cost Accountants are in great demand in government sector, private sector, banking & finance sector, developmental agencies, education, training & research sector as well as in service and public utility sector. Further, in view of their specialized knowledge and training, CMAs may hold top management position in public and private sectors’ enterprises like Chairman cum Managing Directors, Managing Director, Finance Director, Financial Controller, Chief Financial Officer, Cost Controller, Marketing Manager and Chief Internal Auditor and other important positions.

CMA Exam Announcements for June 2019

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CMA Exam Notice – Latest Announcement and Notifications by ICMAI