CMA Exam Notice – Latest Announcement and Notifications by ICMAI. ICAI stands for The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Earlier known as The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India was renamed as The Institute of Cost Accountants of India vide, The Cost and Works Accountants (Amendment) Act, 2011. Applicability of Ind AS Dec 2020 Final Examination, Applicability of Ind AS and AS in Intermediate Dec 2020 Examination.

Important Notification for Merged Intermediate and Final Examination of December 2020.

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India has decided to conduct the Intermediate and Final Examination in December, 2020 in Online Mode. This is the merged examinations of both June 2020 term and December 2020 term. To ensure the interest of all the stakeholders and in particular the Candidates / students, due to Pandemic Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) the Institute would hold the exams with following options:

  • Option – 1 Center based online mode
  • Option -2 Home based online mode
  • Option – 3 Opt-out from Exam (Exam fees already paid will be carried forward for the next term)

Official Notification

The last date for filling-up of Credentials is 12th November 2020, No request will be entertained thereafter.

Once you have selected an Option to appear in the said Examination/ Opt-Out, no request will be entertained to change in option that is Home Based to Center Based or vice versa.


All candidates will have to appear in the merged Intermediate and Final Examination in December 2020 through online mode using laptop/desktop/tablet either opting home based online or center based online mode as per already notified time table (IST). The details are as below:

The merged Intermediate and the Final Examination will be conducted through online mode with the two options as given below –

  • Option 1- Center based Online Mode
  • Option 2 – Home based Online Mode

Students have to appear the Intermediate and the Final examinations from examination center through online by selecting the option given in the link. However, if he/she wants to appear examination from home using laptop or desktop or tablet, can select home based option by selecting the choice in the given link and to fill other required information, in that case candidates have to required system and check their system in the given link, that is eligible to appear online examination or not along with required internet bandwidth and power backup to appear in examination from home.

However, if any candidate/student fails to select any of the given options or not filled / check the necessary information in the given link, he/she will be automatically granted permission to appear in the center based online examination.

Candidates/Students are instructed to provide current in-use correct and updated contact details like mobile number and Email Id with all other required credentials with selection of

  • Option 1. Center based Online
  • Option 2. Home based Online to appear in the December 2020 examination
  • Option 3. Opt-Out for next term in the below given link

Intermediate students need to fill the details with option in the given link:

Final students need to fill the details with option in the given link:

In case of selection of home based online examination, candidates/students must provide their credentials in the above given link as given in point number 3 to receive log in credentials and passkey that will be provided in your registered email and on your mobile through SMS to appear in Intermediate and Final examination December 2020. Candidates/Students must have PC or Laptop or Tablet with internet connectivity and power backup to appear in online home based examination. Any technical failure like internet connectivity or problem with PC or Laptop or Tablet will be sole responsibility of the candidate. The institute will not be held responsible for it. Detailed instructions for Home Based Online Examination will be released on website in due course.

In Case of Selection of Centre based online examination- Candidates can appear in examination as per their selected examination center in the submitted examination application form for December 2020 term. Details of the examination center will be provided in Admit Card. Supply of blank sheets for rough work at examination center will be provided at the online exam center. Computer and necessary facilities related to examination will be available at online examination center. Detailed instruction for center based online examination will be released on website in due course.

For all Candidates/Students including both Center based online and Home based online -Log in credentials and passkey for Mock Examination will be provided in your registered email id and on your mobile through SMS. Please provide your current in use correct email id and mobile number in above given link to receive examination link along with login id and Passkey to appear successfully in Mock Examination. Mock Examination will be conducted for the convenience of the students to have familiarity with the online system in home based mode only with the help of Computer /Laptop/ Tablet. Mobile Phone may be used to appear in Mock Examination only. All the instructions and online links will be shared through email and SMS in due course with notification for Mock Examination.

  • Question Papers will contain both MCQ and Descriptive type questions to judge subject knowledge and analytical skill of the students.
  • For all candidates/students including both Center based online and Home Based Online – Notifications/Log in credentials and passkey for the Examination will be provided in your registered email id and on your mobile through SMS.
  • There will be No negative marking in the examination for wrong answers.
  • In all the question papers, there shall be two alternatives questions.
  • The Directorate of Studies has already launched Online Mock Test Platform with multiple practice series and exhaustive guidelines for Intermediate Students; Online Platform for Final Students will be activated soon.
  • Students are requested to practice those series meticulously and repeatedly to understand the question pattern and to be acquainted with the online platform.
  • Relevant notifications, Instructions, Login credentials and URL link will be given in due course.
  • A Candidate/student who is completing all conditions for appearing the examination as per Regulation will only be allowed to appear for the examination.
  • Probable date of publication of result: To be announced in due course.

* The candidates/students are advised to keep regularly in touch with the website of the Institute for further notifications and announcements relating merged Intermediate and Final Examination December 2020 and in case of any query or clarification can e-mail us at- or

A Cost and Management Accountant specialises in navigating managerial decisions, stabilising budgets and standards, assessing operational efficiency and the effectiveness of production and service management, identifying accountability for profit variance.

His responsibilities include: designing and implementing effective management information and control systems, planning costing systems and methods, inventory control incorporating mathematical models, investment analysis, project management, internal audit, cost audit, diagnosis in the case of sick industries, fund management, pricing planning, interpreting information and data related to business activities and translating them in such a way as to guide the core management into taking the right decisions.

Cost Accountants are in great demand in government sector, private sector, banking & finance sector, developmental agencies, education, training & research sector as well as in service and public utility sector. Further, in view of their specialized knowledge and training, CMAs may hold top management position in public and private sectors’ enterprises like Chairman cum Managing Directors, Managing Director, Finance Director, Financial Controller, Chief Financial Officer, Cost Controller, Marketing Manager and Chief Internal Auditor and other important positions.

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