Amy Beth Schumer is a very successful Personality in America. She was born in Manhattan, New York City, United States, On 1 June 1981. Amy was raised in Manhattan, where she was born. Her father is of Ukrainian descent and he is Jewish.

Her father also owned a Furniture Company, which was specifically for babies. Her mother has some ancestry with Protestants and with the Puritans of 17th-century England. Her mother was converted to Jewish, before her marriage. Amy was also raised with Jewish antisemitism.

At the age of 9, her family suffered a major backlash in their business, and her father became bankrupt. Later, at the age of 12, Amy’s parents got divorced and she shifted to Long Island with her mother. She later moved to Maryland and completed her education there. 

Amy Schumer: Career and Awards

Amy Schumer has been an amazing character and a very successful Personality worldwide. She started her career at a very young age, which really helped her understand how things go in this industry. She is a phenomenal comedian, television actress, and much more.


She has achieved numerous milestones in her career. Amy began her career back in early 2000, in comedy shows and stand-up comedy. She later got an opportunity to take part in Last Comic Standing, in 2007. She featured in 7 episodes of the show. Later, she appeared in shows like Reality Bites Back, Cupid, Comedy Central Presents, etc.

In 2013, she started her own comedy show on Comedy Central. It made her really famous and a familiar figure. Amy has also received three studio albums, several music videos, podcasts, and many more. She has also won several awards like Primetime Emmy Awards, Peabody Awards, and a few more. 


Amy Schumer has completed her early high school studies at South Side High School. Later, she also attended a Hebrew School, and finally, she completed her graduation from Towson University. She got her graduation in Drama and Theaters. Soon after that, she began her journey in acting and Comedy. 

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