Top 5 Richest Female Entrepreneurs You’d Love to Date: Complaining of gender-based discrimination is a favorite activity of many women, and the statistics speak in their favor: there are 10 times fewer women leaders than men. But becoming a successful entrepreneur today, even if you are a woman, is easy: find a deal that speaks to your heart, put on the most beautiful dress and make a video for YouTube promoting your product because of beauty and intelligence rule this world. We have prepared a list of 5 richest and prettiest female entrepreneurs that rock the industry and will tackle a date with you too (even though some of them may be in a relationship). But who said we cannot enjoy their success and achievements? Know more about Top 5 Richest Female Entrepreneurs from below…

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Project: Honest

The star of the movie “The Magnificent Four” and the series “The Office” says that if five years ago someone told, “You will have your own company” she would laugh in their face. The online store found by the actress sells safe for children, natural and non-toxic products: cosmetics, diapers, toys, home cleaning products, etc. Alba created the company in 2011 together with partner Christopher Gavigan, a former CEO of the non-profit organization “Healthy Child – Healthy World”. The actress claims that she deals with all affairs of a startup, works 24 hours a day and, to spend more time with her two daughters, takes them with her to the office. At work, she equipped a children’s room for her children and the employees’ children.

The secret of her success, she believes, was to find a niche, polish the idea, become socially active and not allow anyone to dissuade her, for example, your business can be connected with dating and for this, you will have to be aware of the modern online dating terms.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Project: ShoeDazzle

In the fall of 2011, 63 magazines came out with Kim Kardashian on the cover: the star of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians is now one of the most subscribed people on Instagram having the audience of 144 million people.


Kardashian calls herself a serial entrepreneur and declares that ambition is her middle name. In 2009, she decided to create her own company. ShoeDazzle works by subscription: for $ 39.95 per month, the user can consult a professional stylist and select one pair of perfect shoes. The business is estimated at $ 230 million. Today she also owns KKW Beauty company selling body products, fragrances and makeup.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams

Project: V Starr Interiors

The five-time winner of Wimbledon and four-time Olympic champion Venus Williams in 2002 became the first racket of the world and an entrepreneur. She created the interior design company V Starr Interiors. “I realized that tennis is not my life, and I wanted to start doing my job while I was still on the court,” the athlete admits. She helped her company with clients: V Starr furnished the homes of many NBA players, in 2004 she created the scenery for the popular television show The Tavis Smiley, developed the concept of the Olympic Village for New York (the city participated in the competition for the games in 2012).

Michelle Monet

Project: Ultimo

Michel Monet is a former model, so she was never shy about advertising her products herself. Photos of the businesswoman in Ultimo underwear decorated pages of many publications. She founded her manufacturing company MJM International Ltd in 1996 – she spent the inheritance she received from her mother-in-law on this. Monet’s spouse became the co-owner of the company. Three years later, Michelle patented the design of the bra Ultimo and opened the first store. In 2000, Ultimo’s lingerie became wildly popular – Julia Roberts played the title role in it in the film “Erin Brockovich” wearing it and the entire collection was sold out in 24 hours. Now the company of Monet is worth about $ 75 million.

Jill Donenfeld

Jill Donenfeld

Project: The Culinistas

Jill graduated from Columbia University, dreaming of founding the startup company called Culinistas. Six years later, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, the Kardashian family, and other stars will be among her clients. To make a culinary startup, Donenfeld spent $ 5,000 that she saved during her studies. The idea is simple: the client chooses the menu on the site, at the appointed time the chef comes to them and prepares dinner – every day during the week. The service costs $ 300.

These women are an example of how insane beauty can combine with a quick wit and incredible intelligence. It seems that they know how to make money out of everything and are not afraid of taking the risks. They are also united by one thing – they had the idea of what they wanted. So, intelligence is hot and make the brain the sexiest part of your bodies, ladies, and gentlemen.


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