Tips for saving money when you buy furniture: Look for furniture during the sales season. The first peak of discounts coincides with the Christmas holidays. For sellers, this is a hot time – you are unlikely to be able to buy sofas and armchairs at a different time period. The second peak occurs at the end of summer – autumn. You will find a good price for garden furniture if you will wait for August when up to 70% of the declared value will disappear from the price tags. And expensive collections for the home, especially “made in Italy”, are actively sold by salons before the autumn furniture exhibition.

Buy online. Furniture, for example, sofas and armchairs, is offered through the online store 7-10% cheaper than in a regular store (after all, in this case, you do not need to pay rent for the retail space (the online store does not need it). Look at the model in the showroom and order the exact same one in the online store. Or you can look at NY furniture Outlets online shop, that has nationwide delivery.

Tips for saving money when you buy furniture

Subscribe to the newsletter. You can subscribe to the store’s newsletter: every self-respecting furniture salon and large stores, as a rule, have their own pages on the Internet. There are sites where they regularly publish information about promotions and sales. You will promptly learn about lots for future discounts, about their new price. 

Go to exhibitions. Many factories practice “order at the stand”. You make an advance payment (up to 30% of the cost), and a new item will be made for you. The price when ordering from the stand is lower than for a ready-made model. In some companies, exhibits can be bought at half price: an agreement and prepayment must be drawn up on any day of the exhibition, and the goods must be picked up on the evening of the last day.


Order from the manufacturer. Ordering from a company store or directly from the manufacturing factory / local company office is always cheaper than buying through intermediaries.

Call five

Call five. One factory can have several dealers. And each has its own trade margin. Please be patient and call all competing salons. The main thing is to know the exact name of the model, its size, and the name of the upholstery/trim. This rule works especially well with Italian brands. However, it is absolutely inapplicable to German: manufacturers from Germany dictate a pricing policy to dealers, and only fluctuations in the exchange rate can affect the cost of goods in showrooms.

Do not take furniture “for growth”. The price of furniture directly depends, in particular, on the amount of the used materials. For example, newlyweds hardly need a wardrobe with a length of 4 m.Very quickly it will turn into a closet full of a wide variety of objects. Is it worth investing in a potential “forgotten things” dump? So, find out what size of the furniture you need and choose the correct one piece.

Shop at mega malls. Large shopping malls often offer free delivery and floor-to-floor lift. This is especially important if the item is heavy, bulky (sofas and armchairs, for example), and there is no freight elevator in the house.

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