TaxAdda PMS Review: Today, we are going to review a famous application for CAs and tax practitioners i.e. TaxAdda PMS a cloud based application for managing tax practice.

Tax professionals use GST and Income tax software for preparing and filing returns. But there is also a need for them to track their day to day tasks, communicate with clients, managing the employees/articles.

Managing the team is also a task within itself and it’s hard to track where they are giving time.

For managing tasks there is two options for tax professionals, either use excel or google sheets. Excel is famous for it’s easy to use interface and most persons have general knowledge of it. But it cannot work as a good task management software. Generally, clients are entered in rows and period in column and update about the status is written in relevant cell. Multiple sheets are required to be maintained for different tasks and for maintaining clients details. Its not possible to get all details of a client in single place. Also, it requires very good knowledge of excel to generate reports, which is possible but not so practical.

TaxAdda PMS Review

There are many practice management software available in market from a long time. All have basic features of task management, sending sms, reports and so on.

Today, in this article I am going to review a practice management application for CA which is growing in popularity at a rapid pace. It is Practice management software by TaxAdda (called as TaxAdda PMS in short). It is specifically created for chartered accountants and tax practitioners and created by CAs who have experience in managing their own practice.


I will review it on 3 basis

  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Pricing


TaxAdda PMS has following features

Task management

It can be said as the backbone of this application. GST and Income tax tasks are given as predefined options. You can create tasks for all clients in one go. System also considers registration date and cancellation date while creating task. For example: if a GSTIN is registered on 5th July 2020 and you are creating GSTR-3B task for June 2020 then such client will be ignored automatically.

Check Status from GSTN server

TaxAdda PMS has a very special feature for GST returns. Often times it happens that a person marks wrong return as completed in excel sheet. For example: A person files return of Abhishek Singh of GSTR-3B for March 20 but it mistakenly completes GSTR-3B task of Abhishek Singhania, while GSTR-3B of Abhishek Singhania is still pending.

When a user tries to mark a GST return task as completed then system checks the status of such return from GSTN and marks it as completed only afterwards.

Bulk SMS/Whatsapp

You can send sms or whatsapp messages in bulk. What I liked most is that you can first filter clients on basis of task required to file or not and then further filter on basis of stats and tags and then send specific messages to such clients. In this case, you didn’t need to use lines in messages like “Ignore if already paid” or “ignore if already filed”.

Time Tracking

You can track time for every tasks. There are two options, in first option user has to start and stop the time. And in second option, user can enter time manually. Admin has rights to set whether users are allowed to add manual time or not. It also provides individual user/client reports and also consolidated reports.

User Rights

  • You can add a user as an admin, as a manager or as an employee.
  • Admin has all the rights while rights can be individually selected for manager and employee.
  • I liked that the admin has option to choose rights at granular level for each user. He can choose whether an employee have right to create task or not, can he send sms/whatsapp or not etc.

Other features

  • It has other features of reports, dashboard, overview page, receipts/payments and also adding new features on monthly basis.

Ease of Use

Giving a number of features is not only sufficient. There are many software and applications in market which provides a lot of features in every area. But the one who gives it with easy to use interface is the one who wins. When I tried to use taxadda pms, I find it pretty easy to use. All things are self explanatory and do not need a extensive guide. Menus, interface is clearly designed.


While such other software provides pricing on basis of number of users, this application has pricing on basis of number of clients. In free plan you can create 25 GST and 50 Income tax clients, in plan of Rs. 1999 per year you can create 100 GST and 300 Income tax clients, in plan of 3999 per year you can create 250 GST and 600 Income Tax clients. It has higher plans as well.

I found pricing to be very reasonable comparing to other applications available in market.


TaxAdda PMS is a easy to use application with reasonable pricing and good support. It is definitely worth try. They also give a 30 days free trial, so you can try without paying any amount.

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