There are any number of good reasons why a lot of people should consider taking CBD oil. The cannabis plant-derived oil gives users a wide range of benefits that can improve physical and mental health and, in some reported cases, help with serious health conditions. While CBD can be beneficial for everyone from senior citizens to young children, there is one group that it can be particularly good for, students.

This is especially true for college students – although high schoolers and younger can benefit as well – with the lifestyle they lived in college classrooms and dorm rooms. Here are 5 reasons why students should consider taking CBD oil.

What is CBD oil? 

Before going into the 5 reasons students should consider taking BD oil, it is good to start with what CBD oil is and what it is not. Daily CBD Mag has a more comprehensive explainer about all that CBD oil is but basically, it is a naturally occurring chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant.

Cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of compounds in this plant and one that has many positive effects when it hits certain receptors in your brain. What it is not is marijuana. The common drug does have CBD in it, but it also has tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, as well. This is the compound which has a psychoactive effect on your brain and gets you “high”. 


Being in school can be an anxious time in anyone’s life. There is plenty of academic pressure all the time. There are always papers to write, books to read, presentations to prepare, and tests to study for. And, all of these are usually under a pretty tight time-constraint. There is also social anxiety that can come from school as well. Colleges and universities are usually places where a lot of young people are away from home for the first time and there is a lot of pressure both socially and emotionally. 

CBD can help with both sides of this issue because one of the major benefits is that it is known for calming anxiety. Just like it’s cousin marijuana, CBD will calm your nerves and give you a more restful mind (without the dopey or sleepy feeling that comes from marijuana). CBD will help reduce anxiety in most people and it has also been shown to help people with more serious anxiety-related problems such as OCD or social anxiety disorder.   



The first thing you may think is that college students sleep too much as it is! This may be true in some cases but many students do not get enough sleep and even those who do can suffer from not getting the quality of sleep they need. With things like loud dormitories, stress, late-night eating, and certain substances that are used in college, not sleeping well can become an issue.

When it comes to improving sleep, CBD is a great solution no matter what ails you. If you use CBD during the day, it can improve alertness and focus as well as ward off midday naps which are bad for sleep. At night, it can help settle your mind and help people get to sleep quicker and stay deeper asleep for longer. Recent studies show that it can also be a helpful remedy for people who suffer from insomnia.

Good for your stomach 

Just like the college lifestyle can mess up a person’s sleeping habits, it can also cause havoc with student’s gastrointestinal systems as well. The late-night eating and drinking paired with unhealthy cafeteria food and stress can lead to a multitude of stomach issues that students deal with. Whether it is the occasional irritation due to some bad habits or a more serious stomach-related problem CBD is a great way to encourage a healthier gut. 

The endocannabinoid system, which CBD works within your body, plays a very important role in keeping your gut operating in a regular, healthy way. Recent studies have shown that CBD can help this system with gut mobility, immune and inflammatory responses, and gastrointestinal absorption. It can also help with longer-term chronic gut issues such as inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS,) Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. 

Mental Health 

Mental health, in general, is a problem that has long been swept under the rug in almost all aspects of life. For a very long time, it has been something people do not talk about and leave untreated until it manifests itself in a very problematic way. The fact that colleges are full of students who are at an age where they are facing an incredible amount of biological and sociological changes makes colleges and universities a prime place where mental health suffers. 

Luckily, today as a society we are much more open about mental health issues which allow us to deal with these problems before they do too far. CBD is a great way to help alleviate the symptoms of many common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression as well as less common but very severe problems such as schizophrenia. Taking CBD for mental health has become so commonplace and accepted even Hollywood celebrities are lining up to endorse the practice as a hip new mental health helper.

It is better than a lot of alternatives  

The truth is, many students pick up a lot of bad habits throughout their late high school and college years. These habits can be very unhealthy and lead to serious health problems down the line. Things like drinking, smoking, doing addictive drugs, and other issues affect thousands, if not millions, of students around the country and the world. Instead of smoking something that gets you high, smoking CBD can give you that same calm feeling without the side effects. CBYKyro has a great article on all the benefits of CBD vaping. 

If you do pick up bad habits that are hard to kick and are having a negative effect on your schooling or personal life, CBD can help with that as well. There are currently multiple studies being done that are yielding positive results which indicate that CBD can help treat addiction problems and help people quit smoking.


Taking CBD seems like a good idea for people of all ages. For students though, it seems like it could be even better. In addition to the reasons to consider CBD listed above, it also helps with healthy skin and acne, improved focus, and chronic pain as well. With the lack of side effects, trying CBD is easy to do to see if it will work for whatever ails you.


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