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Tips for How to Study CA Final ISCA Subject, Study Plan for ISCA

Tips for How to Study CA Final ISCA Subject, Study Plan for ISCA. Check Study Tips for CA Final Information System and Control Audit Subject. Check Study Plan for CA Final ISCA. Now check more details for “Tips for How to Study CA Final ISCA Subject” from below…

Tips for How to Study CA Final ISCA Subject

1. Start with small chapters :-

Do not start with big and lengthy chapters , try to complete small chapters first ( Chapter 4,8) This will give you confidence and you will not lose interest in ISCA, but if you start with lengthy chapters (chapter 3,5) thinking that they will cover more marks, you may end up losing interest. You can also mix things Like two small chapters and then start one big chapter. I recommend that you should do chapter 3 alongside with other chapters like 2 page per day.

2. Revise Main headings as much as possible :

Main headings are very important in ISCA, because in exam time if don’t remember headings then you are bound to lose marks. Put all your efforts in revising or memorizing Headings. You can take the help on mnemonics or try to learn directly. One tip , in Munish bhandari Sir book there are few pages at the last of every chapter ( 2-3 pages), which contains all the headings of whole chapter . Remove those pages from the book and now use them to revise headings. You can use them anytime, One tip-Make a habit that before sleeping you will give 15 minutes to revise headings.

Moving on to next chapter:

If you have completed a chapter and moving on to next chapter, then please be in touch with previous one. I will tell you how. See when you are about to start studying for next chapter give first 10-15 minutes for revision of previous chapter and in that revision you should not try to mug everything , just try to quickly go through all the main headings and few important lines in content which you have underlined or marked. I am not saying that complete whole chapter in that 10 minutes, try as much as possible. But don’t stretch revision beyond 15 minutes.

Confusion regarding whether to do mnemonics or not :-

Don’t rely totally on mnemonics. I have not learned a single mnemonic but still got 71 in ISCA. It doesn’t matter as long as you are able to remember heading. Your main focus should be to learn main headings, it depends on you whether you do it through mnemonics or direct.

Close your Eyes :-

It’s an old technique but as wise may say OLD IS GOLD. If you really want to remember things for a long time, then follow this. Every time you learn a paragraph close your eyes and then repeat, you will now realize that you are facing many problems now, and this is exactly the portion which you are going to forget in exam. Do this practice and you will remember things for long time.

Leaving a Chapter :